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Birmingham Third-Grade Presents Annual Market Day


The third graders at Birmingham Elementary recently held a Market Day where students and staff could shop at booths run by their very own Birmingham Bears.

The third-grade social studies and reading teachers, Lynette Barnor and Kambree Stewart, led the Market Day. Students had the opportunity to create a product or service and sell it to their classmates. 

“I am genuinely proud of my kids,” Barnor said. “They delivered and came through by working hard.”

Students purchase items.

The students marketed their products beforehand by creating advertisements to hang up throughout the hallways. 

Third-grader Brody Kennedy and his group designed paper hyena toys based on the movie Lion King.

“My favorite thing about hyenas is that they can laugh like real humans do,” Kennedy said. “They also have my favorite color on them.”

Students working at market day.

To purchase the products, students and staff grabbed some complimentary class cash and used it to “pay” for the different toys and trinkets that the third-graders made. 

Third-grader Brysen Bosire used his class cash to purchase something at a friend’s booth.

“I really like dogs,” Bosire said. “So, I bought a framed picture of my friend's dog.”

Students shows his friends dog picture.

Mackenzie Cladwell created stickers as her product. She named her business Sticker Pop. 

“I watched a tutorial on how to make stickers one day and that is where I got the idea,” Cladwell said. 

Teacher and student taking on microphone.

Third-graders Elizabeth Garbutt and Sophia Cortez-Reyes worked together to produce Squishies. They used lotion and water to make them mushy and sold them for $2 each. 

“We made these for stress relief,” Garbutt said. 

Students posing for picture.

Penguins also made an appearance at Market Day. Zebulon Field and David Crandall made penguins out of pipe cleaners and cups. 

“We’ve sold quite a bit,” Field and Crandall said.

Students selling their product.

In class, students were taught what to do and what not to do to successfully advertise and sell their products to customers. 

“After the market, we will talk about reflection. I’ll ask questions like what was learned and allow the students to praise other businesses,” Barnor said. 

Students participate in market day.