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AlphaBEST is Best Bet for Education Majors to Continue Career Paths During Summer Break

Mia Stuart assists an AlphaBEST student with her marble maze.Mia Stuart assists an AlphaBest student with her marble maze. Stuart was in the education and training career pathway at Wylie East. She is currently studying education at Texas A&M Commerce.

From learning how to teach a classroom full of students, to leading children at AlphaBEST, Wylie ISD’s education and training career pathway’s legacy lives on past high school.

AlphaBEST Education is a licensed before and after school care enrichment program, currently hosting summer break camps at Davis Intermediate. The program has been in Wylie ISD since 2010.

“Unlike daycares, we are an enrichment program that challenges and engages students always and at all times,” Operations Specialist Matthew Speicher said.

A leader gives a student a marble.AlphaBEST zone leader Mollie Herrera was on the education career track at Wylie High School and wants to be a behavior specialist.

Class of 2020 graduate Mia Stuart was in the education and training pathway at Wylie East High School. Today, she is a zone leader for AlphaBEST. Stuart is currently attending Texas A&M Commerce and plans to teach sixth grade social studies. She recently had an ‘aha moment.’

“I had a kid who was emotionally unaware of how his words hurt others,” Stuart said. “I had a conversation with him about how we should talk to others. Afterwards, he apologized to the whole class, without being prompted. This moment was inspiring to me.”

Mollie Herrera is another former Wylie ISD student now working at AlphaBEST. She graduated from Wylie High in 2020 and was also in the education and training career pathway. She wants to be a behavior specialist.

“I like working with the ‘hard’ kids. Those are my favorite because I can understand them,” Herrera said. “You can see them going from kids who were difficult, who found a connection, and now they listen better.”

With 160 kids currently enrolled, AlphaBEST offers curriculum quarters of languages, STEM, fitness, arts, drama and even puppetry. Next year, broadcast will be introduced.

“A lot of parents send their children to us for the socialization aspect, not just the engaging activities,” District Manager Abby Sandoval said. 

AlphaBEST student Avery Davenport will be in third grade next year.

“My favorite part of AlphaBEST is all of my friends,” Avery said. “The most fun thing I’ve done is play with my parachute."

Every Wednesday during the summer, AlphaBEST students venture off campus on a field trip. They’ve been to the movies, AT&T Stadium, Addison Improv and the zoo just to name a few; however, many of the students enjoy the activities on campus just as much.

“Recess is my favorite part because I get to roll around on the grass,” pre-K student Lincoln Bradford said.

A student strikes a superhero pose.Lincoln Bradford strikes his super hero pose while practicing his team’s chant.