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NBC 5 Showcases Wylie High School in Brag About Your School Series


Students writing in about the excellence of their teachers, academics and clubs caught the attention of NBC 5. The news station visited Wylie High School twice to hear about all things AHMO.

The station chose Wylie High School as a finalist for education reporter Wayne Carter’s “Carter in the Classroom: Brag About Your School” series.

NBC 5 showcased all the AHMOsomeness during a special pep rally March 4. Cutting from the 4 o’clock news to the Montgomery Center, Carter interviewed students and faculty live, all while the boisterous pep rally took place behind them.

Students perform at pep rally.

Embedded throughout the newscast, NBC stayed for the entirety of the pep rally, bragging about Wylie High School on-air numerous times – two live interviews, two live shots, and random facts about the school. Earlier in the day, during the 6 a.m. newscast, NBC aired a pre-recorded segment about the school’s theatre program. During the 6 p.m. newscast, the station aired a feature highlighting a chemistry class. It was an all-day celebration for the Pirates.

Demonstrating the strength of their clubs and organizations, AFJROTC, band, and student council were just a few of the organizations participating in the pep rally.

Students perform at pep rally.

Students were extra riled up during the cheer, drill team and step team performances. Supporting their classmates, the student section was loud and proud.

Students cheer and dance.

On par with the familial atmosphere, spring athletes encouraged their classmates to come out and watch them play their respective sports. 

Students speak at pep rally.

Varsity girls basketball coach Jessica Linson dAHMOnated as she hyped up the crowd, bringing students to center court to demonstrate their school spirit.

Students and staff have fun at pep rally.

While the lively pep rally took place, NBC 5 cut to the Pirates throughout their afternoon broadcast.

Crowd cheers at pep rally.

“Wylie High School campus makes academic learning a top priority,” NBC News Anchor Brittney Johnson said in the studio as they cut to Carter at the pep rally. 

First, he interviewed WHS athletes Mason Fletcher and Mia Narvaez about what makes them proud to be Wylie Pirates.

“No matter what’s going on, a win or a loss, we're always surrounded by classmates and peers to cheer you on. [It] makes it feel more like a family than a team,” Fletcher said.

Students interviewed by NBC.

Carter asked Narvaez to explain the meaning behind AHMO.

“AHMO is just our word. It brings us together as a family, as a unit, as a whole,” Narvaez said. “AHMO is a strong word that means so much -- grit, passion. It means family and unity.”

During one of the live segments, Carter brought forth another element that makes WHS so AHMOsome.

“You know you’re going to have fun at a pep rally when the principal has a side job as a DJ!” he told viewers.

Principal DJs pep rally.

WHS Principal Brian Alexander kept the crowd going with his music.

"Wylie High School is one of the most unique and well-rounded campuses in the world,” Alexander said. “I'm grateful for the opportunity to showcase our students, staff, and school spirit. AHMO!"

Back to a live interview, the AFJROTC program was spotlighted by senior Justin Halvorson and Instructor Lt. Colonel Darren James.

“We pride ourselves in the family we make,” Halvorson said. “We make sure the core is a huge and safe environment. As one result [is] we make sure everyone feels comfortable and everyone’s found a home.”

Reporter interviews Pirates.

Carter pointed out that Lt. Col. Darren James said that he would continue to instruct the AFJROTC program -- even if he didn’t get paid for it.

“I absolutely would, because of students like this,” James said, referencing Halvorson. “My job is to teach the leaders of tomorrow [to be] productive citizens of today’s society. Yes, I would do this for free because that’s how much Wylie means to me.”

Students are interviewed by reporter.

When visiting Wylie High the week prior to the live broadcast, Carter made his way to the stage as students rehearsed dances from their musical production of Beauty and the Beast. Giving Carter the full theatrical experience, students donned their costumes as he interviewed them for the segment, Students Brag About Wylie High’s Theatre Program.

Student interviewed by NBC.

“We help each other out with anything, with any life problems, with any academic problems,” junior Keira Hodges said. “We’re everybody’s best friend. Theatre is a really good place to share and is a really good environment.” 

Many of the cast and crew from the musical form the ensemble, Tempo, which brought the crowd to their feet as they performed Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars at the pep rally. Tempo member senior Abby Lee choreographed the song for the group.

Students perform at pep rally.

The week before the live pep rally, Carter visited science teacher Elise Lavastida’s classroom to experience learning at Wylie High.

“It was an honor to be picked,” Lavastida said. “I love this school, and I was happy I was able to represent my team, my students, and my campus. My students had a blast! They walked into a camera crew in my room, they were poised, respectful and accommodating with zero notice they would be on TV. I have a great group of kids, and they make me proud all day long. The Ship of AHMO was represented well that day by our students.” 

Teacher interviewed by news.

Lavastida’s students also boasted about their chemistry teacher and their school in an interview with NBC 5.

“She loves the class. She loves the students. She loves the environment. She loves everything that is chemistry,” sophomore Christopher Oppenlander said.

Student interviewed by reporter.

Thanks to everyone involved in helping brag about Wylie High School for all of DFW to see on NBC 5!

Be sure to check out our very own highlight reel of NBC bragging about Wylie High School below.