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Burnett Student’s Art Buzzes in Austin


Scarlet and her art.

Texas Art Education Association selected eighth-grader Scarlet Walling’s artwork to be part of the 2023 Youth Art Month Exhibition.

Her work of art, “Bee,” will be displayed at the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin throughout the month of March.

This exhibit will feature over 100 works of art created by seniors all the way down to pre-kindergarteners from across the state.

Using pastels, it took Walling about a week to create her piece in Michelle Beck’s first-period art class at Burnett Junior High.

“I followed a tutorial on how to draw the bee, then traced out the metal square and transferred that to black paper,” Walling said. “Then I did the oil pastel and embossing.”

Walling finished the piece by hot-gluing the metal onto the paper.

“It was fun to make, but difficult because of how you had to blend it,” Walling said.

Scarlett in her art class.

Beck also taught Walling’s art class at Harrison. 

“Scarlet is like a quiet art ninja,” Beck said. “What I love about her is her attention to detail and dedication to her craft. It doesn’t matter the content; she will always work hard to make it the best she can.”

Scarlet's Bee

Can’t make it to Austin in March to check out the student art on display? The public can view the Youth Art Month Exhibit on the Bullock Museum’s website, which will be updated in the coming weeks. 

“Scarlet’s artwork is so special because she gives it meaning and purpose,” Beck said. “She is so deserving of this honor. I couldn’t be more excited for Scarlet!”

Walling, along with the other student artists whose work will be featured, will also be honored at the annual awards ceremony at the museum.