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Out All Night: Watkins Principals Camp Out on Roof


From 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 7 until the first bell of the school day on Wednesday, Nov. 8 Watkins administration was on top of the world--well, on top of the school anyway!

Principals look off roof.

Watkins’ administration braved the wind and darkness and slept on the roof all night long as a reward for meeting their goal in the Wylie Community Christian Care Center Food Drive. 

“Our Wranglers have crushed our canned food goal so far (and we are still going),” Watkins Principal Jennifer Wiseman said.

Photo of canned food.

Students donated well over 6,000 canned goods.

“We wanted to do something different to encourage students to bring lots of cans,” Wiseman said.

After setting up camp, Wiseman, Jordan Barth and Kara Milot had a night of activities planned that they documented on the school’s Facebook page

Principals on roof with lanterns.

Families dropped by to visit, many bringing gifts, notes and snacks. 

Family visiting principals.

The principals lowered a bucket tied to a rope down from the rooftop. 

Principal lowers bucket down.

Students who brought a gift were excited to send their items up in the bucket. They even received their DoorDash dinner order in the bucket.

All of the treats brought to the principals.

Families brought loads of treats to their principals for their long night ahead.

The trio read a bedtime story on Facebook Live and gave families a glimpse of their quarters on the rooftop. Their tent, illuminated by Christmas lights and lanterns, set the scene for their night of camping. They even set up a projector so they could watch En Canto!

Principals have fun on roof.

“It was a good night, but the wind got up and we thought our tent and air mattresses were going to blow away!” Wiseman said.

Don’t ask about the bathroom situation!

“We really want to focus on the reason why we get to do this -- our kids helping others,” Wiseman said. “We are so proud of their contributions to help those in need.”

Wiseman waves flag.

By 6 a.m., the principals were awake and greeting students from the roof as they entered the building for the day.

“Since we slept on the roof and will be in pajamas, we let the entire campus have a pajama day!” Wiseman said.