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WEHS Robotics Team Repairs Bicycles for Wylie Way Christmas and Holidays


It’s the season of giving and that’s just what Wylie East High School Engineering Teacher Lauren Plunk wanted to do when she reached out to Wylie ISD’s Family Liaison Joley Martin.

Plunk asked Martin if there was a need that her Robotics team could fill for Wylie Way Christmas and Holidays, an event that benefits Wylie ISD students whose families need additional assistance with purchasing gifts this holiday season.

Students pose for picture.

Right away, Martin thought of bicycles donated by a local church’s life group. 

“We were thrilled to receive these new bikes,” Martin said. “Within that large bike donation, there were 12 bikes that weren’t working for various reasons, such as the chains being off to the brakes not working properly.”

Students work on bike.

The Robotics Team repaired 12 bikes for Wylie Way’s Christmas and Holidays.

Once delivered to the school, the Robotics team headed right to work fixing the bikes the week before Thanksgiving break. 

Sophomore Orion Ramirez identified manufacturing defects. Working on his own mountain bike at home helped him solve one bicycle’s issue. 

“We thought [the front fork] was just off and not welded right, but the bracket was off big time,” Ramirez said. “I took off the fork and took it to welding and worked on it for three periods.”

Students fix bikes.

Sophomore Orion Ramirez rewelded one of the new bike’s forks to get it up and running. Then Junior Jose Nevarez spray-painted it.

Junior Jose Nevarez loves working on bikes. He has a shop at his home where he collects and restores 1960s Schwinn bicycles.

“I’m happy to help kids have a good Christmas,” Nevarez said, “and I’m happy to be part of the reason why these kids are getting what they want for Christmas.”

Students fix bike wheel.

Robotics team members and seniors Ricardo Walker and Christian Walling replace an inner tube on one of the donated bicycles.

Senior Ricardo Walker fixed four bikes donated to Wylie Way Christmas and Holidays.

“My grandpa taught me how to fix bikes,” Walker said. “Some of the chains were installed wrong, so the chain wouldn’t function properly.”

Student looks at wheel

Checking his work, senior Robert Ruiz is a member of the Robotics team who helped repair the brand-new bikes.

Senior Robert Ruiz also helped repair the bikes. 

“The feeling of helping kids who don’t have the luxury of buying new bikes warms my heart,” Ruiz said.

Students repair bikes.

Though they were brand new, 12 bicycles donated to Wylie Way’s Christmas and Holidays needed repair. Thanks to WEHS’ Robotics team, Wylie ISD children will be able to ride their new bikes on Christmas morning.

After testing each bicycle with a little race down the hallway, all are now in working order and ready to be gifted to Wylie ISD students in need, thanks to the WEHS Robotics team.

“The Robotics students made these bikes a pretty bonus to the Wylie Way Christmas and Holidays event and a nice gift for someone who was missing that from their tag,” Martin said.

Boys fix bike.

Senior Braeden Madler and junior Nevin McKay help repair the donated bikes. “It feels great to help because they will be gifted to the youth coming through the community,” Madler said.