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First-ever ‘Hartman Greet’ Puts Communication Skills to the Test


Hartman Elementary students recently practiced their communication skills by answering a different question from three different teachers.

“We have practiced for several weeks,” Principal Shawnell Bradshaw said. “Hartman Greet was our first attempt to allow our students to shine and show what they have learned.”

Teacher writes on clipboard.

This year, Hartman Elementary developed behavior essentials for students which included learning to respond appropriately to a greeting. 

They were greeted with a “Good morning. How are you?” then asked their name and the name of their school.

Teachers then ranked their responses based on eye contact, voice level and giving the appropriate response.

Teacher talks to student.

Computer Science Teacher Ms. Lara Paretti received a few memorable answers from the first graders.

“What is the name of your school?” she asked one child. His response: high school.

Teacher interviews girl. Teacher talks to girl.

“We’ll keep working on it,” Ms. Paretti said. “We want students to acknowledge us when we greet them. Often times, ‘I’ll say good morning, how are you?’ to a student and they’ll quickly look away and avoid answering. I think this is a great way to help build their confidence in responding to others.”

All students will be recognized for participation in the Hartman Greet. They will repeat the process in the spring to measure improvement. Then students with the highest rankings will be awarded.