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Cox Unveils Book Vending Machine


Cox Elementary had a ribbon-cutting ceremony Sept. 16 for their brand new book vending machine. 

Book vending machine

The book vending machine will be used as a reading reward system for students.

Purchased with funds received from a grant from the Wylie ISD Education Foundation, the vending machine was revealed to students in the library today.

Fourth grader LaMicheal Riley got to do the honors of cutting the ribbon to commemorate the moment.

Boy cuts ribbon.

Fourth grader LaMichael Riley cuts the ribbon on Cox Elementary’s brand new book vending machine.

Cox Elementary Principal Mrs. Krista Wilson explained to students how it will be used as a reward system.

“I wanted to purchase the book vending machine to get students excited about reading and take ownership of having a choice,” Mrs. Wilson said.

Girl uses vending machine.

The book vending machine only accepts special gold tokens students can earn.

Third and fourth grade students can earn a turn at the machine by having a winning Bingo. They mark off a space on their Bingo card each time they finish reading a book. Once they get a Bingo, they can earn a turn at the book vending machine. 

“How the younger grades earn a turn at the vending machine is up to the teacher’s discretion,” Mrs. Wilson said.

The vending machine only accepts special gold tokens.

Students use vending machine.

Students tested the machine by selecting a book during its unveiling.

Just like a snack vending machine, once the token is inserted, students press the button corresponding to the book they would like to have. Then watch as it drops from the coils into the receptacle below. 

Principal shows tray

Stocked with a variety of different books, there is something for everyone in Cox’s book vending machine.

“I want one in my room,” a Cox student said.

The machine is stocked with books from different genres and reading levels. There are even books in Spanish.

Students pose with machine.

Cox Elementary celebrated their new book vending machine with a special ribbon-cutting ceremony.