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Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate


Once a Pirate, always a Pirate. From student to teacher, Wylie High School has 24 teachers who used to be students at WHS.

Stephen Pearce


Resource English, Basketball Coach, PALs
University of Texas at Dallas
Class of 2003: In high school, I played basketball and football.
Favorite Teacher: Coach Billy Whitman
“It’s an honor coming back and being part of AHMO. What’s changed is the size of restaurants, rec center, etc.”

Alicia Wright Seeton


FASE, Co-Sponsor of Best Buddies
East Texas Baptist University, University of North Texas
Class of 2008: In high school, I was in softball and cheer.
*She was inducted into the Wylie Sports Hall of Honor in 2016.
Favorite Teacher: Coach Damron and Coach Patterson
“I love being able to give back to the community that was such a huge part of my life. One of my favorite things about being at my alma mater is receiving support from the people who helped mold me into the person that I am today. Having people like Coach Damron, Coach Patterson and Coach Balthrop show endless support for what I do today means the world to me. Another perk that is so fun is randomly running into people that grew up with my parents, who now work for the district, and getting to reminisce about the ‘good old days.’ I also enjoy having the opportunity to teach students and new staff members about long-standing Wylie traditions.”

Daniel Jordan


Special Education Math, Football Coach, Baseball Coach
University of Texas at Arlington
Class of 2009: In high school, I was involved in football, baseball and FCA.
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Englert
“It’s fun getting to know some of my teachers from high school on a personal level now that we are co-workers. I take a little more pride in everything I do since I graduated from here. Everything about the school is bigger! I am jealous that the juniors and seniors have off-campus lunch.”

Alise Turk Lavastida


Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry
Purchase College, New York University
Class of 2005: In high school, I was in yearbook.
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Steve Abrams
“It’s nostalgic teaching at my alma mater. When I graduated, we had the second and third floor and the CTE building. Classrooms have changed. The TVs in the corner of every room on loop for announcements is no longer there. I left Wylie in 2009 to NYC and then came back to buy the house I grew up in and now I’m back at the school I grew up in. We live on the East side, so we are a house divided.”

Becca Shinn Wright


English III
University of Dallas, University of North Texas
Class of 2014: I was in band, debate, Academic Decathlon, UIL Ready Writing and Literary Criticism (went to state for UIL writing)
Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Susan Fajardo
“I think it’s so cool how many former Pirates have come back to teach here. I think that really says something about the culture of this school. Maybe the district should consider offering a stipend for alumni.”

Jamie Busby


Physics, Anatomy & Physiology
Auburn University
Class of 2009: In high school, I was a student trainer for football and girls basketball and I was in NHS.
Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Susan Fajardo
“When I was in high school, teaching was not what I had planned on doing, but thankfully I had a wonderful high school experience here. So I was glad to be able to come back and begin my teaching career at this campus. I moved here when I was going into my junior year. Virdie Montgomery gave my family a tour before the school year started, and he told me that even though the building seemed really large, it will get smaller every day. And that was so true, all the way up to now.”

Megan Blatney


Anatomy & Physiology
University of North Texas
Class of 2015: In high school, I was in sports medicine.
Favorite Teacher: Coach Greene
“The one thing I wish I had when I went here is the new dress code. I think it is really cool that there are a lot more extracurricular classes to choose from now, like all the sports med class classes, culinary, health sciences etc.”

Also from student to teacher:

Randall Barnhart, Jamie Busby, Sadie Byboth, Keith Christensen, Jess Croley, J Sabique Gazi, Emily Illingworth, Bianca Jaquez, Jason Light, Jerod Monk, Alexis Perry, Troy Pitts, Brandon Pollay, Austin Shields, Alisha Siddique, Shelby Ternus, Anna Van Ness, Valerie Vermillion