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Dinos Book it to Reading Day Parade


Though it looked like it was going to rain on this parade, the weather held off for Dodd’s Ninth Annual Reading Day Parade Sept. 2.  

Kids march in parade.

Dodd dinos celebrated reading with their annual Reading Day Parade.

To celebrate reading, students dressed as their favorite book character as they paraded around the school with their favorite book.

Dudley the Dino, Dodd families and even the McMillan drumline joined in on the fun.

Boys play drums.

The McMillan drumline helped kick off the annual event.

Prior to the Reading Day Parade, Dodd had a family night the evening before. They gave away free books and had a station for kids to make costumes for the parade the next day. 

Students sit on curb.

Girl dressed as princess.

Girl dressed as mermaid.

Officer hugs girl.

Students dressed as their favorite book characters to promote reading.

The Smith Public Library was also in attendance to help families sign up for a library card. 

People watch parade.

Families were invited to watch as students marched through the parking lot.

To support reading at home, Family Night also included areas where parents could observe teachers doing read-alouds.

Boy dressed as astronaut.

Students hold sign

Girl smiles.

Kids dressed up.

Kids in parade.

Boy holds book.