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It’s Baa-ack! WHS, WEHS Cross Paths Once Again in Crosstown Showdown 


It’s been six years since Wylie High and Wylie East faced off. With WEHS’ move to 6A, the two schools will once again meet up on the field, on the court and in the classroom.

With its return, the Crosstown Showdown will be bigger and better than ever this year.

To promote unity and showcase the great things happening on our campuses, the principals at both high schools joined together and created “Crosstown Showdown Games,” a plan that tallies competitions and contests to find an ultimate high school winner. 

“I’m very much looking forward to the collaboration between both campuses,” Wylie East High School Principal Tiffany Doolan said. “While we may be competing against one another, at the end of the day we are all Wylie ISD. Since the beginning of our time as high school principals, Mr. Alexander and I have leaned on each other for support and celebrated each other all the while cheering on our own campuses.”

From athletics, to attendance, to the food drive, Crosstown Showdown games pit Pirates against Raiders in an array of different competitions to earn points for their school. The school with the most points at the end of the contest will win a trophy to display proudly on their campus.

“I hope that our students will feel a sense of pride for each campus,” Wylie High School Principal Brian Alexander said. “I want them to feel like they are a part of something meaningful. I also hope our students understand what it means to compete in a healthy way.” 

A series of events spanning academics, community events, and extracurricular activities will be tracked all-year long to determine a winner. 

“My hope is that both campuses are able to take school spirit to the next level and truly embrace their school pride,” Mrs. Doolan said. “Both campuses are packed full of a variety of talents. It’s going to be exciting to see them all on display!”

A score sheet will be used to track progress all-year long. 

The Crosstown Showdown Games will run from the first day of school until the last day of district competitions.

“We have an amazing chance to highlight the excellence of this #commUNITY,” Mr. Alexander said. “What better way than with some healthy competition that spans so many different activities?”

The trophy will be delivered to the winning school at the first pep rally of the following school year.

“The intent of these games is to promote positive competition between the two high schools,” Mrs. Doolan said. “The competition categories and scoring system are coming VERY soon.”

As with all contests, there are “Rules of Engagement.”

  • Students should cheer for their school, not against the other school.
  • Signage must be positive.
  • Students may only go to the other campus during district-approved events.
  • Per UIL Rules, students who are not competing must stay in the stands/spectator area.
  • Students must stay on their designated side of the venue.
  • Honor the Alma Mater and Fight Song of each campus by standing and facing the participants.
  • Downtown can only be decorated during Homecoming weeks.
  • Students, staff, and #commUNITY members must adhere to the district codes of conduct and/or event protocols.

“Whether in competition or as a spectator, I want students to model what it truly means to be a Raider or a Pirate,” Mrs. Doolan said. “I want students to feel like they are a part of something special every day they walk in their school.”