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A Family Affair: Wyatts Work in Wylie ISD


Two work at East.

Two work at Achieve Academy.

And the youngest is a student at Wylie East.

This family of five keeps Wylie ISD “all in the family.” 

The Wyatts are woven all throughout the district. Janet Wyatt started the chain reaction when she became an assistant principal at Wylie East High School in 2015. Her three sons were already attending Wylie schools when she joined the East staff. 

Mom poses with sons.

Jared, Janet and Jordan Wyatt meet up at Wylie ISD’s convocation.

“My momma heart is full,” Janet, who has since moved to Achieve Academy, said. “I love this district and education has been my career for 30 years, so to get to share my passion with my entire family is a true blessing.”

All three of her boys have made a name for themselves in the Raider sports programs. Only two years apart, Jordan, Class of 2014, and Jared, Class of 2016, played football and basketball, and ran track together in high school. Joseph also plays football and basketball and will graduate in 2024.

Then there were two

Once Jordan and Jared graduated, only Janet and Joseph remained in the district. 

After graduating from Wylie East, Jordan attended Southern Methodist University where he majored in Sports Management while playing defensive back for the Mustangs. He graduated in 2017 from SMU. He then had a “brief stint” with the New Orleans Saints.

Jared also played football after high school. He attended Bowling Green State University for a year, then transferred to Navarro Junior College where he received his Associates in Kinesiology. He then finished his playing career at New Mexico State and received two degrees: Individualized Studies and Sociology.

Family Ties

The last to join his family as an official member of Wylie ISD, was the boys’ father, Janet’s husband, Patrick Wyatt. Patrick was hired as a security officer at Wylie East last November.

Mom and dad pose with youngest son.

Patrick, Janet and Joseph, their youngest son, gather together at East Side Rally. Joseph is a junior at Wylie East High School.

Patrick has a passion for helping young adults prepare for life after high school. Prior to joining Wylie ISD, he was a probation officer in Dallas County and worked for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

“One of my missions in life is to teach men how to be men,” Patrick said. “I had positive male role models as a youth and as an adult. I feel it's my duty to be that person for others.” 

Party of Five

The 2022-23 school year reunited the entire Wyatt family in Wylie ISD.

The whole family.

All five Wyatts: Jared, Jordan, Patrick, Janet and Joseph.

The two oldest sons returned to the school district as employees this school year.

“I’m looking forward to both of my brothers being here,” Joseph said.

Janet encouraged Jared to join her at Achieve Academy as a substitute teacher. He is currently in charge of DAEP, the Discipline Alternative Education Program.

Janet and Jared pose.

Janet and Jordan take a First Day of School picture at Achieve Academy, where they both work this year.

“What brought me back to Wylie ISD is that after college and waiting to see where football was going to take me, I wanted to do something on the side to keep myself busy and occupied, along with trying to make some extra money,” Jared said. 

Jordan started his career as a coach this year. He is the varsity assistant coach for football and track and teaches PE at Wylie East. 

“I always knew I had a home back in Wylie ISD, so the relationships that I had built as a student really made it easier to come back,” Jordan said.

With a 10-year age gap between them, Jordan now shares the field with his youngest brother, Joseph.

“Personally, I’m most looking forward to watching Jordan coach this year,” Janet said. “I truly believe this is his calling and what he was meant to do. It will also be fun seeing him and Joseph on the sidelines together on Friday nights.”

Mom and two oldest sons.

Jared, Janet and Jordan meet up at Wylie ISD’s convocation.

Their employment in Wylie ISD allows Patrick and Janet to have a front row seat to watch over all three of their sons.

“I love that my entire family works here,” Patrick said. “Family is important to me and we are a very close family. Being able to now watch them grow professionally is truly a blessing.” 

Just for fun

We wanted to see just how close this family really is. So, we asked each member of the Wyatt family a “Who’s most likely to” question. The family member who received the most votes is listed below: 

Who is most likely to…

be late to a meeting or class Tie between Joseph and Janet

help someone who has dropped their belongings  5-way tie!

order the most expensive thing on the menu  Jared 

NOT keep a secret  Jared 

eat something off the ground  Two-way tie between Joseph and Janet

stay up late watching Netflix  Joseph 

read a book  Janet unanimous

never miss the chance to dress up on a spirit day Janet unanimous