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Week after Thanksgiving Break

Welcome back from Thanksgiving break!  This week, we will be focusing on the causes and the effects of the War of 1812.

Class Notes War of 1812

To start, we reviewed a short summary that explained the War of 1812, what caused it, who was involoved and why, and when/how it was resolived. Later this week, we'll discuss the effects of the war (patriotism and nationalism, industrialization...).  Students works in teams and groups to answer 6 questions, using this short summary, to analyze the cause of the war.  These are glued in their journals and will be a helpful review for them to have!


Work to complete this week:

     -Vocab matching (9 terms), must turn in for a grade.

     -Google Classroom Assignment- Students are assigned either a group # 1, 2 or 3 and         are only responsible for completion of that assignment this week.


This Friday, we will have a 6 question quiz and short reading passage over the War of 1812 to assess our knowledge and skills we've learned this week.


Due this week- vocab, google assignment, quiz War of 1812.


Next Week- We move into the industrialization of the U.S.