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Weeks 6-8

WOW what a busy few weeks we've had!  The end of the 9 weeks is here and here are our final weeks class notes and updates:


Week 6- events leading up to the American Revolution. Students will work in pairs to complete Around the Room QR code videos, texts, poems, and song stations, analyzing, comprehension, comparing and contrasting questions for each station.  They will meet with me in small group, where we will summarize the activities in one sitting, and they will be given homework #3 to complete, making a total of 3 homeworks assigned this 9 weeks.

Choice Project- In google classroom there are 3 options (graphic novel, newspaper or timeline) for students to choose from to create and demonstrate an understanding of the events that led up to the American Revolution.


Week 7- Adventure Camp.  Thursday and Friday will be catchup days to make sure work for reports card are completed.

Week 8- Continue working on Choice Projects that demonstrate an understanding of the events that lead up to the American Revolution.


Next week (Oct. 15th) we'll begin studying the American Revolution battles and the significance and impact of the Declaration of Independence.  Small groups will work on test skills, using a short passage with questions about the Articles of Confederation.

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