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Week 5 Announcements

What a great start to our 5th week of the school year!  This week we are exploring the 13 colonies.  The students are filling out graphic organizers with their peers and then they are completing independent worksheets about the material they’ve collaborated about. Each of the worksheets (Middle Colonies, Southern Colonies and the New England Colonies” will combine to make a small booklet for 3 minor grades.

For their major grade at the end of the week, the students will create a travel brochure, persuading colonists to move to the 13 colonies. They will demonstrate their learning via covering the states in each of the 3 colonies, the resources, economic industry, the climate and geography of the region, and they will answer some cause and effect questions while making inferences and drawing conclusions.  This task will also involve a little research, with the resources provided to the students to use. Students will have Thursday, Friday and next Monday to complete this assignment!  Get ready, students will be busy with their first jobs as TRAVEL AGENTS!


This week's notes will be attached at the end of Wednesday on our website for students to use, as well.


Don’t forget that our class website is updated weekly with class notes, assignments and announcements!  


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Northern Colonies graphic organizers

Week 5 Notes

Travel Brochure