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Guidelines for Success in the Classroom

Class Rules
Rule #1: RESPECT yourself, your peers, your teacher, and your surroundings.
Rule #2: Raise your hand silently to speak.
Everyone is expected to PARTICIPATE. Be fair to each person’s voice and ideas.
Rule #3: Follow all directions quickly the first time they are given.
This includes being PREPARED for class every day.
Other Expectations
*No cell phones allowed in any class - must be kept in lockers or turned off in backpacks.  They may be taken to recess and lunch only.
*Chromebooks are for educational purposes only.  Always follow teacher instructions.  Not for use for music, YouTube, games, etc.  Refer to the district Acceptable Use Policy
*No food or drinks of any kind in class - water bottles only are okay.
*Please do not bring fidget spinners, rubik's cubes, slime, squishy toys, or other items of any kind that are not science related.
1. WARNING:  This is your chance to change your behavior and make a better choice.
2. BEHAVIOR THINK SHEET & SEAT CHANGE:  This is your chance to regroup and reflect away from the situation. 
3. PARENT OR GUARDIAN CONTACT:  Contact will be made to solve the problem and prevent it from happening again.  
4. OFFICE REFERRAL:  The behavior is unacceptable and needs to be addressed.
*Class point charts
*Class coupons
*Positive office referral and/or parent/guardian contact
Cooperative Learning
As an important, contributing member of my class and team, I will…
1. Ask for and offer help.
2. Listen carefully and praise my classmates.
3. Share my ideas and work.
4. Give my best effort.
5. Be a good follower and a good leader.