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 brief birthday message and your student’s name can be posted on the marquee for a week. For more information, please access the link below.


Arrival/Dismissal and School hours


Please remember that there are only two lanes of traffic for drop-off and pick-up. Students being dropped off and picked up must use the crosswalk to get to the building or to their cars. Please remind them of this requirement and help us keep them safe during arrival and dismissal.

Parent Drop-off is in the front of the building

Bus Drop-off is in the back of the building

Parents and visitors will enter the campus from the entrance on Woodbridge parkway and exit the campus from the exit on Hensley Lane. There are two lanes of traffic for drop-off. The left lane of traffic will turn left onto Hensley, and the right lane of traffic will turn right onto Hensley when exiting the campus

School doors open @ 7:30

Classes begin promptly at 8:15

Dismissal is at 3:30


CJHS Dress Code


Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays- Regular Standardized Dress

Please take a moment to review the WISD Standardized Dress guidelines. You can access this information on both the campus and district websites. All students are expected to be in dress code on the first day of school.

Tuesdays-Very Important Patriot Day (VIP)

Students and staff may wear jeans and a CJHS spirit shirt on Tuesdays. If students do not have a CJHS spirit shirt, they may wear a maroon t-shirt or polo with jeans.

Thursdays-Think College Thursday

Students may wear a college or military spirit shirt with jeans. Students must wear a college or military spirit shirt, if they are going to wear jeans on Think College Thursdays.

Any additional spirit days with alternate dress code will be communicated to students and parents in advance




Our teachers are available for tutorials before and after school each day. Please encourage your students to take advantage of these opportunities for additional support.


Health Services


All medical information and/or health services questions should be directed to our school nurse, Teri Seitz at 972-429-3258 or


Administration Contact Information


Dr. Shawn Miller- Principal


Jennifer Wynne- Assistant Principal (A-Lum)


Paulette Jones- Assistant Principal (Lun-Z)


Emily Ragsdale- Counselor



Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.



Shawn J. Miller, Ph.D.

Principal, Cooper Junior High

(972) 429-3255

Curriculum News


Math 7 Regular


Please see the 7th grade math teachers’ webpages. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s teacher directly.

Please see the Pre-Algebra teachers’ webpages.

If you have any questions, please contact your student’s teacher directly.

Math 8 Regular

Math 8 Advanced

On Monday, eighth grade mathematics students will be going over their benchmark/checkpoint results.  Students will set personal goals for growth and as a class, we will review the most commonly missed questions.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, students will complete a summative review of all Unit 5 skills to prepare for the Unit 5 Exam.  The Unit 5 Exam is scheduled for February 14.  This will be students' second major grade for this nine weeks.















Students will begin unit 5 which covers Scatter Plots and Trend Lines.  Students will have a quiz over Activities 32 and 33 on Friday (minor grade).





Pre-AP Algebra I

Reading 7 Regular, PAP, & GT

Algebra students will finish learning about operations with polynomials and we will start factoring polynomials this week. Students will take a quiz over Activity 24 on Tuesday, February 12 and over Activity 25 on Thursday, February 14.

GT and Pre-AP students will continue reading The Book Thief and should have parts 4-5 read by Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. On Level students will continue reading The Watsons Go to Birmingham or Restart in class. Project checkpoints for The Book Thief and The Watsons will be on Wednesday, February 13. Students should identify what project they are going to complete and begin working on it.


All students will have the opportunity to make test corrections on the Unit 4 District Test. Students should meet with their specific teacher for details on test corrections.

Writing 7 Reg & PAP

ELAR 8 Reg, PAP, & GT

Each student will be conferencing with their writing teacher during class. The Benchmark was set up just like the STAAR test will be, so students can see their strengths and weaknesses.  Parents, please be sure you are talking to your children about how they did, what they can still improve on, and their goals. We have our Unit 3 Assessment coming up at the end of the month. Go Patriots!




















Please see the 8th Grade ELAR teachers’ webpages.

If you have any questions, please contact your student’s teacher directly.




History 7 Regular & PAP

History 8 Regular & PAP

We introduced a Tic Tac Toe Project last week and have our first checkpoint this Friday!! Please be checking on your child’s progress on a daily basis!

This week we will be continue diving into the acquisitions that developed our current organization of the United States.


At home and in tutorials, students should be working on their unit review. Due Wednesday, Feb. 13th.


We will take our Unit 7 Assessment on Westward Expansion on Friday, Feb. 14th.


Please attend tutorials morning or afternoon for support.


Science 7 Regular & PAP

Science 8 Regular & PAP

Monday – Students will be continuing the lesson on the Nervous System

Tuesday- Students will investigate Response to Stimuli by participating in the Earthworm Lab Activity.

Wednesday-Students will identify the functions of the Endocrine, Reproductive and Integumentary systems

Thursday – Students will complete the Body Systems Matrix assignment (Major grade) to review all the systems of the body they have been taught

Friday- Students will compare organelles of the cell to the systems of the body





Monday- review

Tuesday and Wednesday- TEST on Physics

Thursday- Data breakdown, TELPAS writing

Friday- Notebook setup and Chemistry basics





This week, STEM will be learning about electrical components and will use laptops and VHS players to see what is inside them and how they are powered.  After this, STEM students will begin to build Altoid can cell phone chargers.