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CJHS Newsletter 1/14/19


Good Afternoon Patriot Parents and Students!


We had a great first week back, and we are looking forward to an awesome second semester. This is a very busy time for our students and staff. We are working diligently in our classes, preparing for our STAAR tests, and planning for the next school year. We will be sharing information about our upcoming assessments and the registration process for the 2019-2020 school year shortly. We appreciate your support and your willingness to work with us.  Have a great week!


Athletics News


Basketball Recaps

7th Grade Girls

A-Lady Patriots offense started slow but took an 11-3 lead in to halftime.  Defense carried us through as our offense continued to improve with some great overall team play.  The team wanted to get Morgan Brown a win on her birthday and they got the win for her.


B-Lady Patriots played overly aggressive and got in to some foul trouble early in the game but still took a commanding lead in to halftime.  We cleaned up some aggression mistakes and played cleaner in the second half to get a strong team win.


C- The 7th grade C team played a nail biter game against Cain, ending the first quarter tied. We managed to pull ahead in the 3rd quarter but the whole second half was still just as close with Cain almost always just one basket behind. The girls felt the heat and played hard with some great defense by Riley Brock. Petra Ekezie was the top scorer helping lead us to the win 14 to 12. That’s the way to level up Cooper!


7th Grade Boys

A Team came out a little sluggish from the break and was down 12 – 2 quickly. The team raised the intensity of the game and eventually tied 26-26 going into the 4th quarter. Unfortunately Cooper couldn’t maintain their momentum and lost 42-33. Players of the game Mason Fletcher and Michael Adarkwa.


B team came out with good energy and kept the game close early. The team had some favorable looks and good shots but couldn’t get them to fall. B team lost 29-53. Players of the game were Jaxon Barlow and Aiden Atwell.


C team put forth a strong showing out at Cain and showed a lot of effort and grit. C team has a promising future but lost 29 – 15. Players of the game Ian May and EJ Grandy.


8th Grade Girls

A team:

The Cooper Patriots started off slow against a tough Cain team last night. They had spurts where they found their groove, but were unable to overcome the Mustangs and fell 16-30. Nia Wright and Jordan Merrett played hard on defense and made good things happen on the offensive end.


B team:

The Cooper Patriots B Team played a tough game last night against Cain. The girls did an outstanding job of working together to play tough defense and even harder working offense. Zikora Oguanobi put up a three-pointer last night in the 3rd quarter and led the team into their win. The girls won 40-21.


C team:

The Cooper Patriots C Team fought hard against Cain, keeping them under double digits. Taylor Quach won the tip-off, scored a couple points and led the team in steals last night. The girls played a great game, and they worked together as one team. The girls won 12-8.


8th Grade Boys

B team - Came out struggling coming off break facing a good team.  We dug a big hole early fell short in the battle.  Final score 34 to 16


A team – With the tone set from the B game A team looked to correct the ship.  With a suffocating press and god ball movement we just out to a big lead quick.  Good thig that happened because during the third we about gave back everything we got.  But with clutch free-throws at the end we closed the game out and won 37 – 33


C team – it was a back and forth game to start out.  With some 3s that fell for the other team, it was the difference in the game. Final 32 – 16


Sports recaps are provided by the coaching staff each week. We share them with the students during morning announcements.


Student Recognition


Level Up Student of the Week

Coach Schkade nominated Molly Wolfe as the Level up Student of the Week. Molly comes into class with a great attitude and ready to learn and is always willing to help out her fellow patriots. Great job Molly


--Derek Schkade, Math 7/Pre-Algebra/Boys Athletics


Jimmy John’s Student of the Week

Coach Hendrixson nominated Wyatt Skov for Jimmy John’s Student of the Week. Wyatt is an excellent history buff. He goes above and beyond in class and athletics. Congrats Wyatt!


--Johnny Hendrixson, History 8/Boys Athletics


Upcoming Events

January 14      Basketball CJHS vs Burnett        7th grade Boys home/7th grade Girls away           5:30p

January 17      Basketball CJHS vs Burnett         8th grade Boys home/8th grade Girls away          5:30p

January 21      MLK Day Observance                   No School     

January 22      Band Recitals                                 Cooper Cafeteria                                                        4:30p

January 23      Basketball CJHS vs Utley              7th grade Girls home/7th grade Boys away          5:30p

January 24      Basketball CJHS vs Utley               8th grade Girls home/8th grade Boys away         5:30p

January 25      7th grade Girls BB Tournament   Cooper Gyms                                                             5:00p

January 26      7th grade Girls BB Tournament    Cooper Gyms                                                            9:00a


Curriculum News

Each week we provide a general overview of class content, assignments due, and upcoming tests and/or quizzes for all core classes and some of our electives. This information is provided by our content teams and it is intended to offer parents a curriculum “week at a glance” for the upcoming week. Teachers will continue to post information on their web pages and in Canvas or Google Classroom (if they use one of these learning management systems). Please feel contact them directly with specific questions or concerns.

Please note that curriculum content will be differentiated based on the level of the class (Regular, Pre-AP, or GT). 


Student Council News

Join us on Facebook: CJHS Student Council or

--Mrs. Waskom, Student Council Sponsor


PTA News

Please consider joining the Cooper Junior High PTA as our students will greatly benefit from your involvement and contributions to the school. If you would like to join PTA, you may complete the membership process online at


Buzzer/Camera Procedure for Parents and Visitors

  1. Locate the intercom/camera at the main (front) entrance
  2. Press the “PUSH” button on the intercom
  3. Please be sure you are in front of the camera on the panel
  4. Campus staff will see you and will respond verbally
  5. You will be asked who you are on campus to see and to show an ID. Please hold the ID so that it is viewable. Acceptable ID’s include:
  • Driver’s license
  • Wylie ISD (or other school) ID badge
  • Wylie ISD Pre-Check ID (see below)
  • Student ID
  • Passport or other government issued ID


  1. The door will be unlocked for you to enter the building
  1. Please do not allow other visitors to enter with you (i.e. hold the door open for others approaching the building).
  1. All visitors will then report to the office to check in and be issued a visitors badge.
  1. A Wylie ISD Pre-Check ID  may be used in place of a sticker
  1. All visitors will need to be buzzed through the door from the office in to the campus as well.


Students Arriving Late/Returning to Campus

  1. Locate the intercom/camera at the main (front) entrance
  2. Press the “PUSH” button on the intercom
  3. Please be sure you are in front of the camera on the panel
  4. Campus staff will see you and will respond verbally
  5. Students will be asked to give their name and their student ID # or their D.O.B.
  6. Students who have chosen to carry a CJHS student ID may show their ID. Please hold the ID so it is viewable.
  7. Please do not allow other visitors to enter with you (i.e. hold the door open for others approaching the building).
  8. Students will then report to the office to check in.
  9. All students will need to be buzzed through the door from the office in to the campus as well.

Wylie ISD Pre-Check ID

We want parents to continue to join their students for special school programs and celebrations. To help manage the large numbers of parents who attend elementary and intermediate school events during the day, Wylie ISD has implemented a TSA-style pre-screen system. Our goal is to reduce lines and wait times on these days. Wylie ISD Pre-Check ID cards are available for parents of students at all grade levels. Because most of our visits occur at the elementary and intermediate level we have placed badge machines at all elementary campuses.  Parents who wish to take part will:

  1. Complete the on-line volunteer background check form prior to the first event you plan to attend:
  2. You will be notified via email when the check has been completed
  3. Visit any elementary campus prior to the first event to have an ID badge made
  4. Badges will include a photo, so smile!
  5. They will be good for the full school year, at all Wylie ISD campuses
  6. This is NOT an “all access” pass
  7. Misuse of the pass may result in it being revoked. You will still have access to the school, but will have to use Raptor each time.

Specific details and a helpful video, are on the district’s safety and security website:  Click on “Buzz-In System” from the menu on the left.



Birthday Announcements on the CJHS Marquee

Would you like to recognize your Cooper Patriot’s birthday on the school marquee? For only $20, a brief birthday message and your student’s name can be posted on the marquee for a week. For more information, please access the link below.


Arrival/Dismissal and School hours

Please remember that there are only two lanes of traffic for drop-off and pick-up. Students being dropped off and picked up must use the crosswalk to get to the building or to their cars. Please remind them of this requirement and help us keep them safe during arrival and dismissal.

Parent Drop-off is in the front of the building

Bus Drop-off is in the back of the building

Parents and visitors will enter the campus from the entrance on Woodbridge parkway and exit the campus from the exit on Hensley Lane. There are two lanes of traffic for drop-off. The left lane of traffic will turn left onto Hensley, and the right lane of traffic will turn right onto Hensley when exiting the campus

School doors open @ 7:30

Classes begin promptly at 8:15

Dismissal is at 3:30


CJHS Dress Code

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays- Regular Standardized Dress

Please take a moment to review the WISD Standardized Dress guidelines. You can access this information on both the campus and district websites. All students are expected to be in dress code on the first day of school.

Tuesdays-Very Important Patriot Day (VIP)

Students and staff may wear jeans and a CJHS spirit shirt on Tuesdays. If students do not have a CJHS spirit shirt, they may wear a maroon t-shirt or polo with jeans.

Thursdays-Think College Thursday

Students may wear a college or military spirit shirt with jeans. Students must wear a college or military spirit shirt, if they are going to wear jeans on Think College Thursdays.

Any additional spirit days with alternate dress code will be communicated to students and parents in advance



Our teachers are available for tutorials before and after school each day. Please encourage your students to take advantage of these opportunities for additional support.


Health Services

All medical information and/or health services questions should be directed to our school nurse, Teri Seitz at 972-429-3258 or


Administration Contact Information

Dr. Shawn Miller- Principal


Jennifer Wynne- Assistant Principal (A-Lum)


Paulette Jones- Assistant Principal (Lun-Z)


Emily Ragsdale- Counselor



Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.



Shawn J. Miller, Ph.D.

Principal, Cooper Junior High

(972) 429-3255


Curriculum News


Math 7 Regular


7th grade math students will be MAP Testing and continuing to build off of probability. Monday and Tuesday students will be taking their Middle of the Year MAP Testing. MAP Testing will allow our students to see their growth throughout the year so far. Wednesday through Friday our students will work on gaining knowledge of compound probability.

Pre-Algebra classes will continue working on area and volume of prisms and pyramids this week.  Imagine math lessons will start back up tomorrow.


Math 8 Regular

Math 8 Advanced

Eighth grade mathematics students will be working on Unit 5, beginning with proportional and non-proportional relationships.  Students will have a quiz on either Tuesday or Wednesday on identifying and writing (in multiple representations) functions and proportional relationships. Thursday and Friday, students will work on slope of a line in linear proportional relationships

















On Monday and Tuesday, we will be taking the Middle of the Year MAP test.  Wednesday through Friday, we will begin Unit 4 which is over Functions.



Pre-AP Algebra I

Reading 7 Regular, PAP, & GT

Pre-AP Algebra:

To make sure all students understand all concepts taught in Activity 20, the quiz that was scheduled for Friday, January 11 has been moved to Tuesday, January 15.

This week, we will also explore geometric sequences in Activity 21 and start learning in Activity 22 which is covers exponential functions and their graphs. Students will take a quiz over Activity 21, Geometric Functions, on Friday, January 18.

This week 7th grade students will read a teleplay in class from the Twilight Zone. The episode we will read is The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street. We will discuss how the genre of Science Fiction allowed the author, Rod Serling, greater freedoms to comment on  social injustices, prejudices and intolerance in America during the 1950’s -60’s. Additionally, we will focus on stage directions, plot, characters and setting. Students who have not finished MAP testing will be given time during the day to complete their testing.


GT and Pre AP students need to have a copy of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak by January 28. We will read the prologue together in class and then weekly reading assignments will be given starting in February.

Writing 7 Reg & PAP

ELAR 8 Reg, PAP, & GT

What an awesome first week back! We will be perfecting sentence types next week with other super fun grammar rules’ review. Our Benchmark will be January 30th. There will be an essay part of the exam. We will start Pre-Benchmark Tutorials next week. If you have any questions, please email your specific teacher. It’s always a great day to be a Patriot.


















All 8th ELAR- Students will be work Rhetorical Appeals in arguments and persuasion.



History 7 Regular & PAP

History 8 Regular & PAP

This week we will learn about the Civil War battles and the effects the war had on Texas. Our Unit 7 Test will be next Friday, January 18. Please utilize the material in Google classroom to study for the test along with Quizlets and Quizizz that will be sent out early this week.

Monday, Jan. 14th students will be take the Unit 8A Industrialism Assessment.


Tuesday, Jan. 15th, Unit 6 Age of Jackson will begin. Unit review will be assigned and due on Thursday, Jan. 24th.


Please make sure students are attending tutorials for any assistance with assignments and content.


Science 7 Regular & PAP

Science 8 Regular & PAP

Monday- Checkpoint Test Units 4-5

Tuesday-Students will complete a variety of application activities/review activities to enhance and refresh their knowledge of first semester content.

Wednesday-Checkpoint Test Units 1-3

Thursday- Students will begin unit 6 over human body systems. Students will analyze and identify the organs, and function of the muscular system.

Friday- Students will analyze and identify the organs, and function of the skeletal system.







On Monday, we will continue with the speed graphs. There will be a quiz on Tuesday over speed velocity and acceleration. Wednesday through Friday we will investigate forces in relation to motion.





STEM will conclude building their own batteries out of Nickels and pennies. This week students will learn about solar power and the usage of alternate fuels. Students will create a vehicle powered by solar panels and test their vehicles outside to see how they perform.



We will be doing our CPR unit this week, January 14th-18th.