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WISD Safety and Security Initiatives

With school just around the corner, the Wylie ISD want students, staff, parents and the community to know that safety and security is always on our minds. From classrooms and buses to outdoor events and field trips, the district is looking at all options to keep everyone safe.

Wylie ISD has created a website for parents, and the community, to learn about all of the safety and security initiatives utilized by the district:

Since the tragic events in Parkland, FL and Santa Fe, TX the district’s Safety and Security Committee has been working with local police and fire departments on the best practices for keeping schools safe. The district also conducted a parent and staff survey this past spring to help gauge both concerns and potential safety options.

The committee has explored numerous suggestions and initiatives with the goal of finding solutions that are consistent, sustainable, and practical. There are many things that could be done; but, we are going to balance what the community wants with what first responders say has the greatest potential for keeping kids safe.

Following the shooting at Santa Fe High School, Governor Abbott released a comprehensive School and Firearm Safety Action Plan. In it, he outlines several proposals for improving school safety. One of his priorities was “hardening of campus facilities.”

The challenge is how do we make our buildings more secure but still feel welcoming for the parents who love to visit and take part in their child’s celebrations.

Beginning this fall a new buzzer/camera system will be installed at all Wylie ISD schools. This system will provide controlled access to schools during the school day. In addition to the new buzzer/camera outside the front doors, an additional electronic lock will be placed on the door leading from the office to the school. These measures will provide an additional layer of security.

To help manage the large numbers of parents who attend events during the day, Wylie ISD has created a unique program: The Wylie ISD Pre-Check ID Card. This TSA-style pre-screen system will allow parents to continue to join their students for special school programs and celebrations (particularly at elementary and intermediate schools) and reduce lines and wait times on these days. Parents who wish to take part will complete the standard district background check and be issued the photo ID card.

You can see all the details of these new programs, and all the other ways Wylie ISD works to keep everyone safe at: