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Gifted & Talented/Spring Screenings

Gifted and Talented/Spring Screenings


If you are interested in having your child screened for Wylie ISD's Gifted and Talented Program, there are a number of important things to remember:

  1. February 12 - Referral forms will be made available online and at the campus
  2. Friday, March 1, 3:00 pm - Referral form deadline
  3. March 18-April 26 - GT screening and assessment will be administered at the student's home campus during the school day.
  4. April 29-May 3 - All scoring and ratings will be completed by GT assessment teams
  5. May 6-10 - Campus and parents will receive results
  6. August 2019 - GT services begin for newly identified students

The referral forms are available in both English and Spanish on the Wylie ISD GT webpage (Spring Screenings).