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Athletes Compete in Bocce Ball Special Olympics Tournament


Garland ISD gets the ball rolling by hosting a Special Olympics Bocce Ball Tournament at Williams Stadium Oct. 3. This is the first year Wylie ISD has ever competed in this particular sport.

All Wylie ISD intermediates, junior highs and high schools competed in the bocce ball tournament.

Athletes play the game by throwing their bocce ball underhanded towards the target ball. The person who gets it closest to the target ball without going out of bounds wins that round.

Students play bocce ball.


District Adapted PE Teacher Amanda Edler trained the Partner PE teachers. They’ve been practicing bocce ball with their students for the past few weeks. 

“I work closely with all the FASE [Functional Academics in a Structured Environment] teachers and Partner PE teachers and coaches to make Special Olympics possible for our FASE students during the school day,” Edler said.

Students play bocce ball.

Wylie East High School brought 10 student athletes and their PE partners to the tournament.

“I’m super proud of these guys,” Partners PE Coach Kortney Smith said. “Seven of our kids have already competed and we are undefeated so far.”

Students play bocce ball.

Angela Riley, Learning Specialist, FASE 5-12 and Transition, supports and serves FASE  students and teachers.

“Shout out to Amanda Edler and all of the athletes and educators for their hard work,” Riley said. “For showing up, having fun and making Wylie proud.”

Students awarded medals.

Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded in each division. The top three scorers stood atop a podium to receive their awards. 

“Forty-nine [Wylie ISD] athletes competed in bocce and all of them were awarded a medal!” Edler said.

Student plays bocce ball.

Elnathan Asrat, who goes by Elu, is a Burnett Junior High seventh grader who participated in the bocce ball tournament.

“It’s not about winning; it’s about gaming,” Asrat said. “It’s about doing the sports.”