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Wylie ISD Fifth Graders Begin Achievement Profiles


Students pose for photo.

Harrison fifth grader Katie Tran’s top strength was love, but she thought it would be forgiveness, which was actually #9 on her list. 

As part of the Wylie Way program, fifth graders across the district took a strengths survey this week to help determine their top character strengths. 

“It was fun and interesting to take the survey,” Tran said. “I did not know I was brave.”

Tran shows her shirt.

Results from the surveys are part of students’ Achievement Profiles that stay with them through their senior year. These profiles log important information like hope and happiness scores. On Wylie Way Days, students update their profiles, analyze their results and learn how to put their strengths to use.

“The self-reflection and assessments that our students do throughout the year help give a more complete picture of who they are – which is more than just an academic,” Superintendent Dr. David Vinson said.

Students use these Achievement Profiles to track personal growth over time.

“Achievement Profile platforms grow with the students – so new sections open up as they get older, such as SAT and ACT as well as what high school endorsement they are interested in,” Dr. Vinson said. 

Counselor Dalila Nastase introduced Harrison fifth graders to the program.

“I love that everyone has a different strength and how they can use them to their advantage for group work or even with their friends,” Nastase said.

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Javier Alvarado agreed with what his top five strengths turned out to be: creativity, love, humor, honesty and spirituality.

“I think humor best describes me because I am always making jokes at home,” Alvarado said.

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Parents can access their students’ Achievement Profiles on the Academic Links page of

Through the survey, Madden Webb found out that her top strength was honesty.

“Honesty can get you anywhere you want to be,” Webb said.

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Colt Campbell’s top strengths were fairness, honesty, humor, love and social intelligence.

“The survey was enjoyable,” Campbell said. “Questions asked things like ‘If you lost someone, how would you feel or how would you persevere.” 

Boys pose in shirts.

Each student received a T-shirt to mark their strengths that they may wear any day of the week.

“Some students continue wearing their T-shirts in junior high,” Nastase said.

Swayze Collis’ top strength was appreciation of beauty.

“To me, that means that if you see something pretty, you will appreciate it,” Collis said. “You like it and won’t be rude about it.”

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Stella Schaefer found that her top strengths were bravery and creativity. 

“Once you have bravery and creativity, you’re almost there,” Schaefer said.

Girl writes on shirt.

Want to know your top strengths? Parents can take the free strengths survey too.

To find out more about Wylie ISD’s Achievement Education, click here.

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