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Harrison Sixth Grader Successfully Performs Heimlich Maneuver on Classmate


Boy types on Chromebook.

He would never have guessed that watching the movie Mrs. Doubtfire would one day help him save someone’s life.

Harrison Intermediate sixth grader Brendan Loveland’s fast thinking and quick action earned him the title ‘hero’ Nov. 15.

After learning about Europe in his homeroom class, Brendan and his classmates were having a conversation when out of nowhere, his classmate sitting next to him started choking on a pretzel.

“I asked, ‘You good, bro?’” Brendan said. “I asked him again and he was unable to speak. I hit him on the back a few times and he couldn’t say anything.”

Without hesitation, Brendan knew what to do. He thought of the scene in Mrs. Doubtfire when Euphegenia saves Stu from choking. Brendan quickly sprung into action and started performing the Heimlich Maneuver on his choking friend. 

“I just went behind him,” Brendan said, “put my arms around him [like this] and started squeezing.”

His teacher, Ms. Elizabeth Hall, was on the other side of the room from the boys. She quickly bolted toward her desk to call the nurse.

“Brendan jumped right in,” Hall said. “I’m so thankful he was where he was.”

Fortunately, another teacher was also in the room, Ms. Jean Howell. She assisted Brendan with the Heimlich Maneuver. 

When School Nurse Mrs. Kristen Clever arrived, the pretzel had been dislodged.

“I was floored,” Clever said. “I was so impressed that he was able to think and react so quickly. He is a wonderful kid.”

As Clever escorted the student to the nurse’s office, “he gave me a thumbs up,” Brendan said.

The classmate he saved was grateful for Brendan’s help. When asked what he thought of Brendan’s heroic measures, he had three words.

“It was epic!”