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Birthday Treats at Draper

Birthday Treats at  WISD Campuses




·         To create a healthy school environment and minimize disruption of learning.

·         To maintain the health and protect the safety of students who have life-threatening allergies during the school day. (FFAF LEGAL/LOCAL)


Overview and Rationale:

Allergens, including food and latex, can trigger a severe systemic allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening emergency. Avoidance is the best measure to protect the safety of children with food or other severe allergies at risk for anaphylaxis.


Procedural Guidelines


·         Food or non-food items (stickers, pencils etc.) for birthday celebration will only be shared with the student’s classmates.

·         All birthday celebration edible treats will be individually packaged. Food items will include a complete ingredients list attached to each package. No homemade items will be allowed.

o   Any food items without a complete ingredients list and those not individually wrapped/packaged will not be distributed.

o   Food items that contain an allergen for any student in the class will not be shared with the class.

·         Non-food items containing latex (balloons, toys made with natural rubber, etc.) will not be allowed.

·         Items will be checked by the school nurse/teacher, held in the office until the end of the school day, and only distributed to classmates at dismissal.


Parent Responsibilities

·         Bring birthday celebration items to the school office.

·         Individually package all items.

·         Include a complete ingredients list on each individually packaged food item.

·         Check with campus principal regarding non-food items for birthday celebrations.


Nurse and Classroom Teacher Responsibilities

·         Will assure all edible birthday celebration items are individually packaged.

·         Will assure each food item has been labeled with a complete ingredients list.

·         Will check classroom allergy list to avoid allergen exposure.

·         Will assure non-food items do not contain latex (natural rubber) when there is a known latex allergy.

·         Teacher will send birthday celebration items home at dismissal.



Policy/Procedure FFAF (LEGAL/LOCAL)  CO (Legal)