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Draper Students Earn Dollars for Positive Behavior


Boy purchases goods at Draper General.

Students are getting “paid” for being caught behaving their best at Draper Intermediate.

“Instead of penalizing the kids for misbehaviors, we wanted to reward them for good behavior,” English teacher Priscilla Patterson said.

Teachers across the campus award students one Draper Dollar when they see them exhibiting good behavior. Students can use this “money” to  purchase trinkets, toys, snacks and candy at the Draper General store. Students can even save up to purchase the more costly experiences.

Student counts her Draper dollars.  Boy holds up Principal for a Day certificate. 

“Everyone wants to buy the Principal for a Day experience,” Patterson said. “They get to have Chick-fil-A with a principal. Principal for the Day entails giving the students leadership experiences throughout the day to promote positive behaviors.”

The Draper General store was made possible due to the combined effort of several dedicated teachers.

“Allison [Geisel] did the research, and developed the plan to create Draper General during the summer,” dual language teacher Damarys Lopez said. “It was introduced to us; then, Priscilla and I jumped on board to help with logistics, execution and to write the grant.”

Just like a real job, students had to apply to work in the general store.

“We had an application process for our hiring,” math teacher Allison Geisel said. “(Of course, we hired everyone who applied.) This teaches them to be an entrepreneur. They are getting real-life skills by running the store.”

Boy purchases goods from Draper General. 

Sixth grader Reese Kendrick works at Draper General.

“It’s like a real job,” Kendrick said. “It’s a fun way to practice working, and it’s a fun way to spend the money you earn in class.” 

Also, just as in the real world, the student workers get paid — in Draper Dollars.

“We have a committee who does the advertising and they get paid too,” Patterson said.

Draper General was made possible thanks to the Wylie ISD Education Foundation. Grant money finances the products sold in the store.

“We have to buy new merchandise every week,” Geisel said. “The grant from the foundation covers all of the supplies.”

Students work at Draper General. 

The store even reinforces the school’s “HERO: Be a Difference Maker” program. Helpful behaviors that are expected in different areas of the school, such as the bathroom, cafeteria or hallway, are part of the HERO program. Each week, the HERO Highlight focuses on one of the behaviors.

A recent HERO Highlight earned students five Draper Dollars for getting caught performing the engaged behaviors expected in the classroom: actively listening and participating in the classroom.

Sixth grader Rayan Bekheet had a stack of Draper Dollars to spend at Draper General. 

“I earned them for being good in class,” Bekheet said. 

She purchased a Jibbitz charm for her shoe.

Girl buys items from Draper General. 

The Draper General store was developed as a way to spread a little sunshine, especially after some years of uncertainty with the pandemic. 

“We all helped to make it happen; it’s evolving,” Patterson said. “The kids are super invested. They want those Draper Dollars!”

The committee is excited to share this new successful incentive program with other campuses.

“If anyone else in the district wants to set up a store, we have a system to share,” Patterson said.

The store is open for students to purchase their goodies on Thursdays and Fridays in the cafeteria before the school day starts.