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Protect, Serve and Substitute


Police Officer steps into classroom to lend hand

He exchanged his police badge for a substitute teacher’s badge on the very first day of school this year.

Allen Police Officer Patrick Sadler worked his first substitute teaching job at Burnett Junior High Aug. 11.

Teacher holds sign.

Cpl. Patrick Sadler jumped right in for his very first day teaching as a science teacher.

Last school year, when his son, currently a first grader at Bush Elementary, mentioned his class was split up among other teachers because there was no substitute teacher to fill in that day, Cpl. Sadler wanted to do something about it.

“I believe there is a need for substitute teachers. I believe filling in, although it’s just a few days a month, is being a part of something special,” Cpl. Sadler said.

Teacher talks to student.  
A natural in his role as a teacher, Cpl. Sadler has a knack with instructing and leading a class.  

Officer Sadler was recently promoted to police corporal, the first line supervisor, with the Allen PD.

“I’m actually really lucky to have a supportive police department,” Cpl. Sadler said. “My work hours and days off really help provide enough time to teach.”

His second substitute job was at Davis Intermediate School. Davis Principal Cody Summers appreciates that Sadler gives back to the community he lives in on his days off.

“To have Officer Sadler subbing in our building meant the world to us,” Mr. Summers said. “At Davis, he even helped us monitor the café during his lunch time. Having subs enter the building of his caliber is what makes Wylie what it is, a community that stands together for the betterment of our kids.”

Teacher stands in front of class.

In only his second job as a substitute teacher, Cpl. Sadler puts his skills from teaching police officers to good use.

Cpl. Sadler has been in law enforcement for 13 years. He began with the Dallas Police Department and has been with Allen PD for the past five years. 

This isn't his first time at the head of the class. He is an experienced instructor. Cpl Sadler is also a driving instructor who certifies current officers and new hires for Allen PD. 

“Part of the police driving class is learning new skills and new techniques, which can be difficult at first, but with practice, it becomes easier with every repetition,” Officer Sadler said. “The principles of teaching are not so different. The content is different.”

His teaching experience doesn’t end there. He also certifies other officers in how to conduct the Standardized Field Sobriety Test, and he is an experienced trainer within the department's Field Training program.

Substitute helps children.

Cpl. Sadler helps students at Bush Elementary with writing.

Cpl. Sadler said the best part about substitute teaching is getting to meet a lot of different kids, teach at different schools and teach different subjects. 

“Substitute teaching is definitely a calling. It’s like any other public service job, you take on the challenge because you care,” Cpl. Sadler said. The monetary compensation for substitute teaching is very minimal. The experience of being able to teach our future nurses, doctors, lawyers and presidents is the true reward.”
Teacher points.

Cpl Sadler is not new to the teacher’s desk. He teaches police officers in field training, driving and conducting field sobriety tests.

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