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Dodd Elementary Celebrates Love for Reading

Sept. 23, 2021

From dressing up like Charlie Brown and Fancy Nancy to Harry Potter and Pokemon, students and staff at Dodd Elementary pulled out all the stops for the 8th annual Celebrate Reading Day Parade.

Dodd Celebrate Reading Parade

Dodd Celebrate Reading Parade

Earlier this month, the campus held the beloved event, which annually kicks off the school’s focus on teaching students the importance of being good readers. As part of the parade’s fun, every year students and staff wear costumes representing some of their favorite books.

“This tradition is one that brings excitement and anticipation day one of school,” Dodd Principal Magan Porter said.

Dodd Celebrate Reading Parade

This year, knowing that the parade was scheduled only a few short weeks after the first day of school, teams picked out their books early, and students quickly began planning their costumes and discussing the different books they were reading.

“I love the creativity that our students bring to their costumes and the books they choose,” Porter said. “The kids’ personalities come through, and what they enjoy reading allows me to learn a little more about them.”

Dodd Celebrate Reading Parade

Dodd Celebrate Reading Parade

Held on a bright, sunny morning, students and their teachers marched around the outside of the campus as families cheered them on. Wylie High School Principal Brian Alexander served as the event’s DJ, and of course, Dudley the Dino made an appearance.

“What we love most about this event is that it brings our Dodd community together at the beginning of the year for a fun celebration of reading and learning,” Porter said.

Dodd Celebrate Reading Parade

Following the parade, students had the opportunity to hear from two special guests, Toshia Kimball, a Dodd parent and author; and Hudson Williams, Dodd third-grader and co-author of the book, “Harold the Hawk at the Beach.” Families were also able to enjoy the guest speakers via Facebook Live. The two authors shared why reading and writing are valuable and how being a good reader can lead to being a good writer.

The event also coincided with the Dodd PTA’s Read-A-Thon fundraiser, which raised more than $11,000.

“We want our students to take away a love for reading,” Porter said. “Adventure awaits with every book that a student chooses to read and we want to encourage our students to love reading.”

Dodd Elementary students read while waiting for parade to start.

Throughout the rest of the school year, students will participate in various challenges to encourage them to read books. Getting these young learners to join in the challenges likely won’t be too difficult. After all, while students waited for the parade to start, many began reading the book they brought to the event.