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Christian Care Center Food Drive

Christian Care Food DriveWhen it comes to values, which ones do you feel are most important for your child to possess? In 2010, a group of community leaders gathered to ponder this question for our school district. The values of caring, giving, respect, responsibility and resilience (or grit) were combined with the goal of preparing our students with a plan and purpose about their future beyond high school to become the Wylie ISD core ethical values and the foundation of the Wylie Way.

As we enter the 2nd term, we provide that avenue by shifting the Wylie Way focus from the values of respect and responsibility towards the values of caring and giving. We begin this process by teaching our students that there are hungry people in our school district, and by teaching them that we can show that we care by giving and collecting canned food and monetary donations in order to help the people in need. We have done this for several years now, and each year it brings a powerful impact to our community and a powerful lesson to our students.

Please join the District as its kicks off its Annual Christian Care Center Food Drive on Monday, October 25, by donating items from the grocery “wish list” and sending them to your child’s campus.

Thank you for helping those in need, and for teaching our students to care, give, and spread the Wylie Way across our community! Let’s show that the value of caring and giving is growing in Wylie, and beat our record from last year!!!

The drive runs through Wednesday, November 10, 2021.

One CAN Make a Difference!