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Visitor, Lunch Procedures & Food Allergies

All visitors are asked to enter the school through the main entrance and register to receive a visitor’s badge from the front office. Photo ID is required.

School Safety-Parents Visiting the School:

To ensure the safety of our student and staff, we ask that all visitors sign at the front office and inform the receptionist of their destination. We trust that our visitors will report to their stated destination and refrain from interrupting classrooms to visit with a teacher at a moment's notice. Should you want to meet with a teacher or visit a classroom we ask that this be prearranged. In addition, the front doors are locked at 4:00pm and access will be denied unless a meeting has been previously scheduled with a staff member or an evening function is taking place.

**Parents who plan on eating lunch in the cafeteria with their child must also complete a “Background Check” form online (only one form per parent for the district is necessary).
Taken from page 67 of the student handbook (Student Handbook
"As part of the implementation of the district’s food allergy plan, the sharing of food (by students or by visitors purchasing food for children other than their own family) will not be allowed. The district’s food allergy management plan can be accessed on the district website: under Departments and Special Education and Health Services."