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Attention: 2nd-4th Graders

If you are interested in saving your work to a USB flash drive (i.e., thumbdrive, jumpdrive, memory stick) please bring one to computer lab!  This is not a required school supply purchase.  It is not even on the elementary school supply list.  I just offer my computer lab as a place to learn how to use a USB drive and to practice saving to a new location. When you go into 5th grade, it beneficial to know how to use one.
General hints when purchasing a USB drive:
  • Currently in places like Best Buy, Frye's, Walmart, Target, you will find 8 GB or 16 GB as the most common sizes (if you happen to find 1GB or 4GB or have one at home, those will have plenty of space).
  • Watch for sales -- no need to spend much more than about $1 per GB (for example, around $8-$9 for 8GB USB drive).
  • Finding one that allows for a lanyard may help you keep up with it better.
  • The "cutsie" ones will cost more.
If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me.