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Week in Review 
Last Week in Review
I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the students in my Pre Ap class this week.  The students are exceptional, and we have had much fun together.  In addition to establishing our class commitments, identification of routines and procedures, we were able to explore our Spring Board book, and unpack our first embedded assessment.  
A Word about Spring Board
Spring Board is the curriculum created and endorsed by the College Board for the delivery of instruction for students in Pre AP courses in grades 6-12.  Throughout the year we will go through 5 different units, take 10 embedded assessments, and build a foundation for Advanced Placement English.  We will also supplement the Spring Board material with other activities and lessons.  
A Summary of Coming Events
This week we will continue moving through our Spring Board Book, studying literary non fiction, poetry, and personal narratives. We will extend our study this week into the world of poetry, and how poets use figurative language and stylistic elements to contribute to the meaning of the poem