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Ribbon-Cutting Unveils Hartman’s Project Dream Space


Hartman's Ribbon Cutting

Now that documents are stored online, Hartman Elementary’s bookroom no longer serves its purpose. Wanting to put this space to better use, the campus transformed it into a “Dream Space” -- a place where students can retreat to reset in order to learn at the highest level of expectation.

The Rotary Club of Wylie East Fork helped make this dream come true. Wanting to service the elementary school, the Club reached out to Principal Vanessa Hudgins to see what they could do for them.

“I shared several projects, and the Dream Space is the one that struck their hearts most of all,” Hudgins said. “We need a space that students can work for or use in the time of behavior escalation.”

In late January, the Dream Space was unveiled with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

Photos of the Dream Space.

Welcomed by student ambassadors, attendees listened as fourth-grader Jett Cantu explained the purpose and benefits of the Dream Space. 

Student visits with attendees.

They then heard from Hudgins, toured the sensory room, and witnessed the positive impact it will have on students’ well-being.

Attendees hear about the dream space.+

To make the Dream Space extra dreamy, the Rotary Club’s donation provided soothing materials such as rocking chairs, low lighting, calming texture materials and soothing sound machines. 

Students enjoy dream space.

“We need somewhere that is not disciplinary that gives students a space to calm down,” Hudgins said.

This new Dream Space room will accommodate all students, fulfilling a need for a place where students can retreat from abundant stimuli.

“All students are welcome in this room,” Hudgins said. “Even when a student needs a quiet place to take a test, they may use this room.”

The generosity and partnership of local organizations, such as the Rotary Club of Wylie East Fork, make projects like the Dream Space a reality. As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work.”