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Students Mastering STAAR Recognized

Gators celebrated excellence on their 2021-2022 STAAR test.
Principal speaks on microphone.
Principal Hudgins calls students up to receive a free book.
Principal Vanessa Hudgins recognized students who mastered a test by calling them up to the stage and letting them choose a new book.
Fourth grader Elina Shah mastered both her reading and math STAAR test. She attributes her success on the state test to all the reading she does.
Students displays book.
Elina Shah showcases the free books she received for mastering the STAAR.
"My favorite book is Diary of an Ice Princess," Elina said. "You can find cool stuff in books."
Fourth grader Xander Blitch also mastered both of his STAAR tests.
Boy shows books.
Xander Blitch loves to read and was excited about getting new books.
"I love to read," Xander said. "My favorite book is Mylo Moss. I had to share chapter 3 with my cousin because it was so funny."