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Website Help

Wylie ISD updated our website solution in the Summer of 2024. This information is presented to help you navigate our website.

The main navigation is located in the upper right hamburger menu. Here you will find the top two tiers of pages and up to 6 clickable buttons.  Everything from school board information to information about our vast array of services and departments can be found here.

Website main navigation screenshot

Within each section of the website you will find an additional navigation element at the top of each page. These links will help you drill further into the website for additional information. Once you reach the end of the navigation, you can start over by using the hamburger menu.

Website header navigation screenshot

You can navigate to the individual campus websites using the 'Schools' menu located next to the hamburger menu.

Website schools menu location screenshot

If you are not sure where the information you are looking for resides on our website, you can use the search option under the 'Find It Fast' menu.  In addition to being able to search, we have provided links to our most popular search terms via clickable buttons and text links.

Website find it fast menu screenshot

Language translation is available for Spanish, Amharic, Vietnamese, Urdu and Arabic. Simply click the English flag on the left side of the screen and then your prefered language option. All text will translate into your preferred language. Where available, PDF documents will also translate; however outside links (Google Docs and other external websites) will not translate.

Translations menu screenshot


Audio Eye Icon

While we make every effort to ensure our content is accessible and compliant with ADA guidelines, we recognize that some content may be difficult for some in our community to access. For that reason, we have added AudioEye accessibility options to our website. You can access these options by clicking the light blue circle in the lower right corner of any page. There are tools available to assist with color contrast, text size, spacing and more.

We truly hope you enjoy using our website. And while learning something new can be difficult, it can also result in great things. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the website and if you have any questions or cannot find something, you can contact the District webmaster at