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District Transfers

NOTICE [effective March 3, 2022]: Due to rapid growth, Wylie ISD is not accepting out-of-district transfers. The District will allow full-time employees living outside the District to enroll their students in Wylie ISD, provided they meet the local requirements and there is space available. No tuition will be charged to full-time employees.

Intradistrict Policies & Guidelines for Wylie ISD Students

Intra-district transfers are permitted for elementary and intermediate schools in WYLIE ISD based on classroom availability, attendance, grades and discipline. Parents wishing to transfer to an elementary and intermediate school not in their zone are required to provide transportation as Wylie ISD does not provide transportation for transfer students. Parents need to be aware that as their child completes his/her time at intermediate school, he/she will be required to attend his/her home campus for 7th grade. Wylie ISD only accepts transfers to junior high and high school based on extreme circumstances. If a family moves to a different WYLIE ISD zone during the school year, their children will be allowed to finish school in attendance at their current school with the parent providing transportation, if approved for transfer. The following school year, however, these students will be required to attend the school in which they are zoned. If a student is a junior in high school and his/her family moves to the other high school zone, the student will be allowed to complete his/her senior year at the current high school, if approved for transfer.

Intradistrict Transfer Policies & Guidelines for Orchestra Students

The Wylie ISD orchestra program will be housed at Davis Intermediate, McMillan Junior High and Wylie High School. Any entering 5th or 6th grade students may transfer to Davis Intermediate to be in the orchestra program. The orchestra program formally begins in the 6th grade, but students that intend to be in the program in the 6th grade will be allowed to transfer in the 5th grade in order to avoid attending two intermediate schools. In addition, siblings may transfer to be in the same school/elementary feeder pattern, if there is space available. Transportation will be provided for students in orchestra, but no transportation is provided for siblings wishing to transfer. As well, parents need to be aware that if their student chooses to no longer participate in the orchestra program at any time or in any grade, the student and siblings must return to their home campus(es).

UIL Eligibility

Any student who transfers to a school outside of the student’s attendance area of residence will be subject to all eligibility rules of UIL.

CAUTION: An intradistrict transfer could cause your student to be ineligible for UIL varsity competition. If you have any questions, please contact the Athletics and Activities Director.