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F.O. Birmingham Memorial Land Trust

Birmingham Trust

The fund was created on the 19th day of November, 1940, by T.F. Birmingham and Hattie A. Birmingham as a memorial to their oldest son, Franklin Ovid Birmingham, who died on October 9, 1911 and is buried at the Wylie Cemetery at Wylie, Collin County, Texas. It was the opinion of the T.F. & Hattie Birmingham that "more children should be given the opportunity to learn the mechanical trades, the different handicrafts and useful arts, the dignity of labor, and the ever important lessons in cooking, sewing and other domestic ways of life." The trust was established to accomplish their wishes and desires in these areas.

The following is a historical profile of the founders of the trust:

Thomas Frank and HAttie Housewright Birmingham Family Tree showing children Ovid, Louis and Elsie Birmingham and spouses.

1940 and 1950 Trust Notes

The trustees of the F.O. Birmingham Memorial Land Trust are five (5) in number, one of whom is the Mayor of the City of Wylie. The other four trustees are appointed by the governing body of the Baptist, the Methodist, the Christian, and the Catholic Churches in the City of Wylie. They can be replaced only in the event of death, refusal or failure to act, resignation or if they no longer live in the Wylie Independent School District.

According to the trust, the trustees of the fund retain full, complete and exclusive control (subject to court review) over the assets of the TRUSTS and all net income therefrom. The net income from the TRUSTS shall be used exclusively for establishing new programs and/or supplementing and enriching existing or future "covered courses" offered at the Wylie Independent School District.

The funds are divided between the 1940 trust and the 1950 trust. The 1940 trust supports domestic economy & mechanical trades. The 1950 trust supports Advanced American History and Chemistry. The 1940 trust is 81.45% of the trust funds and income and the 1950 is 18.55% of the trust funds and income.

The term "covered courses" as set forth in the TRUSTS means courses offered by the Wylie Independent School District in manual training, domestic economy, advanced American History and Chemistry. The Trustees of the Fund shall determine which courses constitute "covered courses".

An application process shall be utilized in requesting funds from the Trust (similar to the process utilized by federal grants, i.e. Title 1).

Trust Documents