Wylie ISD: Just the Facts

  • The claim: Wylie ISD teaches CRT, promotes “woke” ideology and is indoctrinating students.

  • The claim: Wylie ISD gives divisive, social-emotional student surveys.

  • The claim: Wylie ISD libraries are filled with obscene and pornographic books.

  • The claim: Wylie ISD doesn’t promote patriotism.

  • The claim: Wylie ISD doesn’t communicate and isn’t transparent.

  • The claim: Wylie ISD keeps touting an “A” rating, but it’s just a blanket statement and isn’t the whole truth. Campuses didn't receive an "A" in all areas.

  • Wylie ISD mailed approximately 24,000 mailers to district residents. Postage cost $4,467.51 and printing was approximately $6,100. The mailer was written and designed by Wylie ISD's Communications Department. For inquiries about this page, please contact communications@wylieisd.net.