• Please sign-up for Remind 101 so you can stay up to date on projects, tests, shows, and tech calls.
    For students and parents in Tech I please text @dceb6 to 81010
    For students and parents in Advanced Tech (6th and 7th period) please text @a631c to 81010 


    1st Period: Mainstage

    2nd Period: Tech Theatre 1

    3rd Period: Tech Theatre 1

    4th Period: Conference

    5th Period: Director Planning

    6th Period: Production Tech Theatre

    7th Period: Tech Theatre 2-4


    If students need help, I am happy to help before school on days that I do not have rehearsals. I can also be found in the (this could be office, classroom, black box, or stage) theatre during lunch and afterschool until at least 4:45.

    I am happy to help students during class or via e-mail. Students can e-mail me at bekka.glaze@apps.wylieisd.net and I will respond as soon as possible.


    Remind 101 Mainstage: @wemain

    Remind 101 Tech 1: @easttech1

    Remind 101 Tech 2-4: @weadvtech

    Remind 101 Production Tech: @makeithappen


    Google Classroom Codes

    Mainstage: cvyvqma

    Tech 1: 7ea44ih

    Tech 2-4: oyhbxak

    Production Tech: ahazhln

    Raider Theatre: lmn36u4


    If your student is involved in an advanced theatre class, participating in Wylie East productions, active in International Thespian Society, or planning to become an active member of Raider Theatre these are the ways we best communicate with parents:

    Remind 101 Raider Theatre Department: @weraid

    Raider Theatre Google Classroom: lmn36u4

    Facebook: @WEHSRaiderTheatre


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