• Welcome to Mr. Shipp's school webpage. 

    Teaching Schedule:

    1st period: Physics 1 

    2nd period: AP Physics 1 

    3rd period: AP Physics 1

    4th period: AP Physics 1

    Power Hour

    5th period: Conference/Planning

    6th period: AP Physics 2

    7th period: AP Physics 1 


    Tutoring Schedule

    I plan to be available most free times for toturing. Exceptions include meetings, duty, and club meetings. 

    • Before school 8:15 to 8:50 am I am available every day. 
    • Power Hour: A lunch tutoring, B lunch I may have some club meeting and may have planning tasks, but you can be in my room and I may still help some. 
    • Ater school 4:20-5:00 pm on Monday, Wednesday. Thursdays I may do Thursday Night School in the library, in which case I will be here until 6:30 pm.


    How to stay connected

    For AP Physics, I post class notes, textbook connections, AP objectives, and other resources at www.physishipp.com (www is required for this link to work).

    All students receive and complete some assignments electronically though my Google Classroom. The codes for each class in Google classroom are found on my bulletin board in my room as well as below. Parents can email me to request access to Google Classroom even if they don't have a GMail account.  


  • Term 1 Major Grades

    Due to adjustments needed for learning and administrative tasks, these dates are proposed dates for each major assignment, but should be close to the actual date work is due. 

    AP Physics 1:

    • 1D Accelerated Motion Lab 8/24/2018
    • 1D Accelerated Motion Test 9/6/2018
    • Newton's 2nd Law Lab 9/27/2018
    • Newton's Laws Test 10/10/2018

    AP Physics 2: 

    • Static Fluids Test 9/13/2018
    • Dynamic Fluids Test 9/27/2018
    • Released Exam Question Presentation 10/10/2018


    • Motion Test (due date to be updated before T1 start)
    • Motion Lab (due date to be updated before T1 start)
    • Forces Test (due date to be updated before T1 start)
    • Forces Lab (due date to be updated before T1 start)
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  • 2018-19 Google Classroom Codes

    Students only: use the following codes in case you change class periods or need to join.

    Parents may join Google Classroom if they would like to keep track of what is posted there as well, but need to email me at david.shipp@wylieisd.net as their account type is different (Google Classroom does NOT require a GMail account).

    Class student code
    1st period Physics tr9uw9h
    2nd period AP Physics 1 e5nfmcj
    3rd period AP Physics 1 es4t2e0
    4th period AP Physics 1 t0zwv7k
    6th period AP Physics 2 vb1xbn
    7th period AP Physics 1 73rdphm
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