Welcome to Humanities and AP Capstone!

    Humanities: a GT English course that broadens a student's worldview through studying literature, language, the arts, history, and philosophy. Particular emphasis is placed on developing analytical and critical thinking skills to better understand human beings, varying cultures, and expressions of the human spirit.

    AP Capstone: a 2-year Advanced Placement program that consists of AP Seminar and AP Research, both designed to teach students how to analyze divergent views, develop arguments, carry out collegiate-level research, and present their findings. 

    For more info about me personally, check the next page. 

    How to stay connected

    I use email and Google Classroom to communicate with my students. The Google Classroom join code for students is provided to them on the first day of school. Parents can request an invitation to receive email summaries from Classroom, including assignments due that week and announcements to my students. Any email address works; you do not need a gmail account. Simply email me if you are interested.

    If you have any questions, you can always email me at Amy.May@apps.wylieisd.net

    Mrs. May's Schedule:
    1st period - 9:00-9:50 - Humanities 1
    2nd period - 9:55-10:50 - Humanities 1
    3rd period - 10:55-11:45 - Humanities 1
    4th period - 11:50-12:35 - Humanities 2
    Lunch - 12:35-1:45 
    5th period - 1:45-2:30 - Humanities 2
    6th period - 2:35-3:25 - AP Seminar
    7th period - 3:30-4:20 - conference/planning

    Tutoring schedule

    Whenever possible, I appreciate advance notice that you plan to come in. However, I'm generally available for you to drop in without notice:
    • every day before school (8:15-8:50)
    • every day during lunch (12:35-1:45)





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