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     Teaching Schedule
    PD          Teaching Assignment
    1            Conference
    2            Spanish 2 PAP
    3            Spanish 2 PAP
    4            Spanish 2 PAP
    5            Spanish 2 PAP
    6            Spanish 2 PAP
    7            Dual Credit Spanish (Collin College)
    12:35 - 1:45 POWER HOUR     A LUNCH  / B 
    Tutoring Schedule
                         Mon           Tues          Wed          Thurs          Fri
    Before        by appt       by appt     by appt      by appt      by appt
    Power       A lunch       A Lunch      A lunch        A lunch     A lunch
    Hour         B Duty         B Tutor      B Duty         B Tutor      B Tutor 
    After               X           by appt          X            by appt       X                                          


    The goal of Spanish 2 Advanced is for the students to be able to communicate on several familiar topics in short social interactions. 

    Students will be able to: 

    ·         Exchange personal information

    ·         Ask for and give simple directions

    ·         Interact with others in everyday situations

    ·         Tell about a familiar experience or event

    ·         Give basic instructions

    ·         Present basic information about a familiar person

    ·         Write information about themselves in a written format (letter, blog, etc.)

    ·         Ask for information in writing

    ·         Write about a familiar experience or event

    ·         Understand simple questions and statements on familiar topics

    ·         Understand the main topic of a conversation I overhear

    ·         Understand simple information when presented with pictures and graphs


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