Welcome to Dr. Best's Class!

  • Hello Students & Parents!
    Just a couple of things to say here:
    First, our class resouces will be posted in Google Classroom, for every course that I am teaching.  These will include the PowerPoint presentations, some documents, and important announcements.  It is important that you get the "join class" code from me in class so you can get into YOUR Google Class and have access to these.  I will have the codes posted in room 853. 
    Second, be sure you have your class supplies EVERY DAY when you come to class.  Remember, I take up class binders for daily grades, so having a binder (with the divider tabs) is NOT an option.
    Third, be sure to stay on top of dates for major assignments & tests in all of the courses I teach.  Your grades will be calculated from the usual WISD mixture of daily & major grades.  We will have a number of major, "hands-on" projects (in some classes) this year that will require some outside time and effort from students.  Choose your partners wisely, as we've discussed in class, and do not wait until the last second to tell me that you're having a problem (it could just be "too late" by then).
    Most important: Remember that I'm here to help you!  I can help give you help, extra tutorial times, one-on-one directions, and keep you moving in the right direction.  It is absolutely critical, though, for you to do your part in keeping the communication lines open between us.  I am always willing to help wherever I can, but know that I cannot undo bad choices that you've made.
    See you in class!   :-)

Classroom Schedule

  • 9:00 - 9:49             1st Period         Physics-I
    9:54 - 10:43           2nd Period        Earth & Space Science
    10:48 - 11:36         3rd Period         Earth & Space Science
    11:41 - 12:30         4th Period         Environmental Science
        POWER HOUR (Lunch Period and Tutorials)
    1:35 - 2:32             5th Period        Planning Period
    2:37 - 3:26             6th Period        Environmental Science
    3:31 - 4:20             7th Period        Physics-I

Classroom Announcements

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