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    1st period  -  Advanced Chemistry
    2nd period -  Advanced Chemistry
    3rd period  -  Advanced Chemistry  
    4th period  -  Advanced Chemistry  
    5th period  -  Conference
    6th period  -  Advanced Chemistry  
    7th period  -  Advanced Chemistry  
  • Topics covered in the first semester include lab management, measurement, matter, atomic structure, periodic table trends, chemical bonding, chemical formulas, chemical equations, reactions and the mole concept.

    Topics covered in the second semester include stoichiometry, gases, solutions, equilibrium, acids, bases, electrochemistry, oxidation/reduction, and thermochemistry.

  • At the beginning of a new unit, all guardians can expect a one-page flyer to update them on the content to be covered and future assessment dates. If a guardian would like to view what happens daily in advanced chemistry, please join Google classroom.  

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