• 1st:   9:00-9:50 (APWH)
    2nd:  Conference 
    3rd:   10:55-11:45 (APWH)
    4th:   11:50-12:40  (APWH)
             12:45-1:35 (Lunch)
    5th:   1:40-2:30  (APWH)
    6th:   2:35-3:25  (APWH)
    7th:   3:30-4:20  (APWH)
  • Welcome to Mr. Shultz's AP World History page! This class is an exciting journey into the past, where we'll encounter a lot of the people and things you may have heard about! We'll learn some valuable time-management and writing skills along the way that'll better prepare you for post-secondary education. If you have any specific questions about what an AP class is and how it functions, please visit the AP College Board website. If you have questions for me personally, please email me at shultzb@wylieisd.net.


    Look forward to adventuring into the past with you this year!