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Edgenuity Info YOU NEED TO KNOW


    1)  What is Edgenuity at WHS?
    Edgenuity offers standards-aligned video-based curriculum for students. Courses are completed online in a class period with a Texas certified teacher trained to use Edgenuity. These courses are also available after school hours anywhere that online services are accessible.  Students not enrolled in a WHS class period will need to communicate with the teacher via email as needed.
    2)  Who teaches these online courses?
    All Edgenuity lab instructors are Texas certified teachers employed by Wylie High.  The virtual school courses are led by Edgenuity instructors.
    3) Who can take online courses?
    Online course opportunities are offered to 9th-12th grade students enrolled full time in the district and who are needing to recover credits necessary for graduation.
    4) What type of activities do you do in an online class? 
    Online courses are more than just reading material and completing online quizzes. Students are expected to complete a variety of projects demonstrating their ability to apply the skills learned.
     5) Are online course grades calculated in my GPA? 
    Yes, if a student does not drop the course by the designated drop period, the grade received will be recorded to the student's transcript, calculated in GPA at the appropriate weight, and in class rank.
    6)  Do online course count toward UIL eligibility? 
    Yes, the "No Pass, No Play" rule applies to online classes.
    7)  How are grades reported? 
    Your average is displayed daily on your Edgenuity home page.  Weekly emails of student progress are generated to parents if email addresses are provided.  Course averages are reported at the closing of every grading period.  Your final grade will be displayed on your home page and your course average will be added to your high school transcript.
    8)  How are final exams administered?
    Midterms and Final exams are administered face to face at a designated testing location.  If not assigned to a class period, contact your teacher to make arrangements when you are ready to take your exam. See your campus for testing locations, times, and due dates.
     9) Can I start and stop my online course at any time?
    No. Consider your course "self-paced with deadlines".  You decide when you work on your course, but you must make progress on your course every week. Most online courses must be completed within an 9 week period.
    10) Are online courses harder or easier than face to face courses? 
    Neither. Online courses must meet or exceed the same state standards as traditional courses. All Wylie ISD online courses are evaluated for rigor to ensure that the TEKS are met. Online learning courses require different study skills, which may make the course harder, or easier, depending on the learner.

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Classroom Schedule

  • 1st Period - Girls Athletic Coordinator
    2nd Period - Edgenuity
    3rd Period - Edgenuity
    4th Period - Edgenuity
    5th Period - Conference
    6th Period - Conference
    7th Period - Softball