• Top Dog Award - This award is given each month to one student from each classroom.  Each teacher selects a student who has displayed the following traits: Being prepared, acting responsibly, respecting self and others, and keeping a positive attitude.

    Character Recognition - Each 6 weeks there is a specific character trait that we choose to focus on.  Students are recognized throughout the 6 weeks for displaying that particular trait.  They are given a certificate as well as a bracelet.

    Star Student - At the end of the 6 weeks, we look at all of the students who were recognized with a character award.  We then choose one student who we feel has done the best job displaying that character trait.  This students has the opportunity to meet the mayor as well as get their picture in the paper.

    A Honor Roll - All students who receive a 90 or a above in all classes on their report card will be on the A honor roll.

    Principal's Club - All students who receive a 95 or above in all of their classes will be part of the Principal's Club.  Students who receive this award 2 times at some point during the first five 6 weeks of the school year will be rewarded with a special field trip.