• Foundation Programs support the Foundation's mission to promote quality education by supporting enhancements through innovative programs and initiatives and will be implemented as funds are available or as they are endowed.

    Grants-to-Educators (up to $ 1,000 for Classroom Grants and up to $ 3, 000 for Grade Level or Across Curriculum Area Grants) encourage teachers and other educators to develop specific and innovative instructional programs that stimulate thought and advance new approaches to teaching in all curriculum areas PreK-12.

    Campus Grants (up to $ 3,000) allow the staff on each campus to identify and address needs, challenges, and concerns unique to the campus to enhance the learning experience.

    District Grants (up to $ 5,000) allow educators to develop district-wide innovative programs which stimulate thought and advance new approaches to teaching in one grade level and/ or curriculum area.

    Mini Grants (up to $500)
    allow the staff of each campus to determine the needs of the campus for innovative programs which can be carried out with a smaller monetary expenditure.

    Student Scholarships
    are available through endowed gifts.  A minimum endowment of $10,000 is required.

    New Teacher Grants:
    Grants will be provided for zero-year teachers to assist in classroom and instructional preparation. Teachers will receive the funding at the beginning of the year to help them prepare for their first year as an educator.