The Wylie ISD Education Foundation, Inc. accepts donations from individuals, corporations and other foundations to fund its programs. Contributions can be given for a specific program, given as an unrestricted gift or given to the endowment fund and may be given in honor or memory of someone. As with all endowment gifts, if this selection is made, the principal is invested, and only the interest is used to fund programs and activities. An endowment gift ensures the perpetuity of the Foundation and provides a secure source of funds for education. The following donations may be applied to any level of giving.


    Cash or pledged donations are accepted at any time.


    Unrestricted endowment contributions are placed in the General Endowment Fund. The principal is invested, and earned income on the invested capital is used to support and enrich education in the Wylie ISD.


    An endowment donation of $ 10,000 or more assures the perpetuity of an annual award and may be in a donor selected program area and given in the name of the donor or in honor or in memory of a loved one. This gift can be made as a one-time donation or pledged over a five-year period. If given over a five-year period, an additional amount may be given each year to provide an annual award until the endowment level is achieved.


    Persons interested in planned giving should consider memorial gifts, trusts, life insurance and other options recommended by an estate planner.


    Donors can often double or triple a contribution with an employer-matching gift. Some companies also match contributions made by employees’ spouse, retirees and directors. Check with your employer. Ask for the matching gift forms at your company’s personnel office and send the completed form with your gift to the Wylie ISD Education Foundation, Inc.  Please check our partial listing to see if your company matches donations.


    The Wylie ISD Education Foundation established a Fellows program in the fall of 2006.  Individuals, groups, or businesses can become Foundation Fellows with a gift of $1,000 or more to the Foundation's general endowment.  If desired, Fellows can be named in honor or memory of someone.  Fellows will be  recognized with a leaf on the "Tree of Honor and Knowledge" which is located in the Wylie ISD Educational Service Center.

    Named endowments can be established with a minimum gift to the Foundation of $10,000.  Each year, a grant or scholarship (as specified by the donor), can be awarded in the name of the endowment.  Endowments ensure the perpetuity of the foundation and can be paid as a one-time donation or over a five-year period.  Awards can begin when the endowment level is achieved. 

    The "Tree of Honor and Knowledge" is a custom cast bronze sculpture.  Brass, copper, and silver colored leaves are placed on a cleat panel that sits over the trunk and branches.  Engraved stones are arranged around the base of the tree.  Each leaf and stone denotes a level of giving to the Wylie ISD Education Foundation and serves as a perpetual honor.  The tree will stand as a representation of those committed to "Endowing Excellence in Learning."