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Time Clock Guidelines for Non-Exempt Employees

  • Time clock guidelines have been established for non-exempt employees.  True Time will eventually replace paper timesheets and will enable you to more accurately keep track of your time.  It will also allow the District to more efficiently process your time worked for payroll purposes.  Please click this link to view the full guidelines.

2019 Tax Updates

  • Your January paycheck(s) will reflect the updated 2019 income-tax withholding tables, as updated by the tax reform legislation.

Update Direct Deposit Online

  • Did you know you can update your direct deposit through Skyward Employee Access?  Just follow the simple steps below!
    1. Log into Employee Access
    2. Click on Employee Information
    3. Click on Personal Information
    4. On the left-hand side under Payroll, click on Direct Deposit
    5. Click on Change Primary Bank

Important Dates in July

  • Direct Deposit forms and W-4 forms must be submitted no later than 7 business days prior to payday.  Any forms received after that date will be considered late and processed on the next payday.

    New pay rates and new benefit deductions are effective in September.  Please check your pay stubs and reach out to the Payroll Department should you have any questions. 

    • July 15th – Semi-Monthly Pay Day
    • July 26th – Semi and Monthly Pay Day
    • ESC offices closed on from July 1 - July 5 in observance of the Independence Day holiday

Payroll Staff

  • Candy Arrington
    Candy Arrington
    Payroll & Benefits Manager
    Rae Davis
    Rae Davis
    Payroll Specialist
    Michael James
    Michael James
    Payroll Specialist
    Monica Trevino
    Monica Trevino
    Payroll Specialist

Contact Us

  • Wylie ISD Payroll Department

    Voice: (972) 429.3030, opt. 2