• At Wylie East we highly encourage students and teachers to get involved in clubs and organizations in order to give them ways to develop beyond their academic abilities and form friendships. Below is a list of the clubs at Wylie East. Further below you will find a summary of what the club does and how to find out more. 

Air Force JROTC

  • JROTC logo


    Air Force JROTC provides leadership training and an aerospace science program for high school students. The program explores the historic and scientific aspects of aerospace technology and teaches high school students self-reliance, self-discipline and other characteristics found in good leaders. The objectives of Air Force Junior ROTC are to educate and train high school cadets in citizenship and life skills; promote community service; instill a sense responsibility; develop character and self-discipline through education and instruction in air and space fundamentals and the Air Force’s core values of “integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.”  

    Wylie East Air Force JROTC competes in several competitions and has won many distinctions.

    The AFJROTC program is open to 9th-12th grade students who are citizens of the United States. The program is not a recruiting tool for the military services and those students who participate in AFJROTC do not incur any obligation to the Air Force. 

    Sponsor info:  

    Col. Brooks McFarland, Brooks.McFarland@wylieisd.net

    and CMSgt Mark Davidson Mark.Davidson@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed

    National website af.mil's JROTC page


Anime Club

  • Anime logo

    The Wylie East High School Anime club provides a forum for those interested in anime and oriental culture to share their interests with each other and the WEHS community at large. It is a place to examine various forms of anime as well as Japanese language and culture. Activities will include: Watch anime, draw anime, share anime in print, learn Japanese language, possibly attend local anime gatherings (on the wish list), promote knowledge of anime and Japanese culture within WEHS via Blue-i News & student drawings.

    Sponsor info:

    David Shipp, david.shipp@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed:

Archery Club

  • Archery Logo


    Archery club is for people who are interested in learning about and practicing archery. Any and all experience levels are welcome, whether you have shot for years or never held a bow you will learn and have fun with a group of students who enjoy being outdoors and practicing a fun and exciting sport.

    Sponsor info:

    Chris Bailey, chris.bailey@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed

    See Mr. Bailey in room 


Book Club

  • Book club logo


    The mission of WEHS Book Club is to promote literacy and a life-long love of reading among students and faculty.  This community of readers is bound by common interests and a hunger to explore works of literature. We meet every other week to discuss, play games, and do activities related to our monthly read. 


    How to stay informed

    Links, challenges, etc can be found at the Link to Book Club's Web Page


BPA (Business Professionals of America)

  • BPA Logo


    A major program of Business Professionals of America is the Workplace Skills Assessment Program which is a competition that prepares students to succeed and assesses real world business skills and problem solving abilities in finance, management, IT and computer applications. It is BPA's showcase program and facilitates students demonstrating their career skills at regional, state and national conferences in more than 90 competitive events. Some of BPA's other major programs include the National Leadership Academy, Officer Elections and scholarships. The Torch Awards Program and BPA Cares Program recognize students and chapters, respectively, for their leadership and service to their chapter and community.

    Sponsor info:  

    James Hood, james.hood@wylieisd.net

    Kathy Dragoo, Kathy.Dragoo@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed

    Members are all asked to sign up in Remind 101 where they get reminders about club meetings and upcoming events. We are looking to expand our social media presence this year as well.

    National website http://www.bpa.org/


Chess Club

  • Chess Logo


    Chess club is open to anyone wanting to come play one on one matches and tournaments as well as people who would like to learn how to play chess. Chess club is led by the president of the club, Jonathan O’Grady.

    We usually have around 10-12 members per meeting.

    Sponsor info:  

    Ben Edge, Ben.Edge@wylieisd.net


    How to stay informed

    Look for flyers with QR codes around the school or visit room 116 for info. 


College Club

  • college club logo


    College Club is an opportunity for students who will be the first in their families to attend college.  Students may apply at the end of their ninth grade year.  If selected, students will be interviewed about their goals for college and beyond.  Approximately 40 ninth grade students will be selected each year to participate in college club.  During their tenth grade year, the college club meets during lunch on Tuesdays.  The Junior and Senior level students are expected to attend the weekly meetings, but they are also enrolled in a class that teaches them all that they need to know about the “college process”. Admission to the college club comes with the expectation that students will remain active members throughout their high school career. 

    Sponsor info:  

    Jeff Hattaway, jeff.hattaway@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed

    FB @wecollegeclub, Twitter  @WEHS_cc



  •  Wylie East Raider Choir Logo


    The Wylie East High School Choirs are led by Nathan & Ashley Dame and Sara Rond. Consisting of more than 300 students in 10 performing ensembles, the Raider Choirs are frequent winners of local and regional choral contests, with multiple superior ratings and UIL Sweepstakes awards earned in the last few years. They travel annually around the state and country. Recent travels include: Disney World, Branson, and San Antonio. Choral placement is assigned by ability, and include:

    • A Cappella Choir
    • Bel Canto
    • Bella Voce
    • Men’s Choir
    • Out of the Blue (show choir)
    • Select Men’s Choir
    • Select Women’s Choir
    • Women’s Choir

    Sponsor info:  

    Nathan Dame, Nathan.Dame@wylieisd.net 

    Ashley Dame, Ashley.Dame@wylieisd.net

    Sara Rond, Sara.Rond@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed

    Please visit www.wylieeastchoir.com


Diversity Club

  • diversity club


    The Diversity Club is an organization dedicated to spreading kindness and awareness of social issues throughout Wylie East. We do service projects around the community, learn about other cultures and do fun activities to help improve confidence. The Diversity Club is a fun place where anyone regardless of gender, sexuality, religion or ethnicity can come hang out with others and hopefully learn something new about themselves, their peers or the world!

    Sponsor info:  

    Jill Hill, jill.hill@wylieisd.net


    How to stay informed

    Meeting times to be determined after the school year starts.

    Instagram- wehsdiversity



Drill Team (Sapphires)

  • Sapphires


    The Sapphires drill team is a dance team comprised of 9th - 12th graders, who represent Wylie East High School in Wylie, Texas. Our objectives include the following:

    • Halftime entertainment at all Raider Varsity football games and as many Raider Varsity basketball games possible. 
    • Perform in WEHS Pep Rallies and other Wylie East functions per the direction of the Sapphires Drill Team Director. 
    • Participate in at least one contest during the Spring
    • Present the Annual Spring Show.    

    Sponsor info:  

    Brittany Miller, Brittany.Miller@wylieisd.net

     How to stay informed:

    If you would like to be a member of the Sapphires, tryouts are held in the Spring for the following year.

    Our booster club has a facebook page. http://tinyurl.com/y92gegrb​  That is the easiest way to stay informed of what is going on with the Sapphires




  • esports


    Esports is a form of competition also known as electronic sports utilizing video games. It is organized game play between teams and has a strict set of rules and guidelines.  ESports focuses on teamwork, communication, strategic thinking, and leadership. If you have any questions please see any of the sponsors listed below. 

    Sponsor info:  

    Mr. Ishmael, Mr. Neu, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Turner, Mr. Rouse

     How to stay informed:


FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

  • FCA logo


    Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a student lead organization providing students with an opportunity to grow in their walk with Christ.  Students meet other students who want to learn more about Christ and want to fellowship with other students at Wylie East HS. 

    Find the Mission and core values of this club here.

    Sponsor info:  

    Mike Dormady  mike.dormady@wylieisd.net

    Hunter Henzler  Hunter.Henzler@wylieisd.net

    Nate Blackwell  Nate.Blackwell@wylieisd.net


    How to stay informed

    Meet every Wednesday during Power Hour 12:30 pm – 1:20 pm held in the IMPAC Building (Indoor Facility)

    Meeting information is provided on our Twitter page @wehs_fca

    National website http://www.fca.org 



  • FFA logo


    FFA is a dynamic youth organization within agricultural education that changes lives and prepares students for premier leadership, personal growth and career success. FFA was created in 1928 as the Future Farmers of America; the name was changed in 1988 to the National FFA Organization to represent the growing diversity of agriculture.

    Today, nearly one half-million student members are engaged in a wide range of agricultural education activities, leading to over 300 career opportunities in the agricultural science, food, fiber and natural resources industry. Student success remains the primary mission of FFA. 

    Sponsor Info:

    Tracy Vernon, tracy.vernon@wylieisd.net


    How to stay informed:

    FFA School Webiste (under construction)



Fishing Club

  • fish


    Fishing Club is designed for students who love to bass fish.  Students will be given the opportunity to compete in bass tournaments and win scholarships.

    Sponsor info:  

    Lisa Curry, Lisa.Curry@wylieisd.net


    How to stay informed

    Come to meetings Fridays during A lunch power hour in room 851. 


French Club (Le Cercle Francais)

  • French Breakfast


    Le Cercle Français gathers for food and fun every other Thursday during A lunch. All students (even those who study Spanish) interested in French language and culture are welcome to join us in room 816. 

    Sponsor info:  

    Andrea Averre, Andrea.Averre@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed

    See sponsor in room 816 


Friends of Rachel (FOR) Club

  • Overview:  


    Sponsor info:  Karina Palomo


    How to stay informed

    National website rachelschallenge.org


HOSA (Future Health Professionals)

  • HOSA logo


    The Wylie East chapter of HOSA-Health Professionals develops leadership and technical skills related to the health care industry through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition.  HOSA is an integral part of the Health Science Education program and helps students growth through community service, guest speakers, and area/state/national HOSA skills competition.  Our local chapter is associated with both state and national HOSA. 

    Sponsor info:  

    Angela Tower, Angela.Tower@wylieisd.net


    How to stay informed

    Students can see sponsor Angela Tower, RN in room 427.

    Get updates via Google Classroom. Classroom Code: cbynepi

    National website www.hosa.org


Interact Club

  • Interact logo


    The Interact Club carries out two service projects a year, one that helps our community and one that promotes international understanding.  We meet twice a month and are sponsored by the Wylie Rotary Club. 

    Sponsor info:  

    Renea Strickland, Renea.Strickland@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed

    @wehsinter for Remind

    2017-18 will bring new connections (facebook, twitter, possible website)

    National website rotary.org 


Leo Club

  • Leo logo


    Leo Club in a club here at East that focuses on community service and involvement. We run in conjunction with the Lions Club of Wylie. We strive to do many community service projects with elementary schools or anything that comes up in the city of Wylie and beyond.

    We would love to have you join us!  


    Sponsor info:  

    Gricelda Mathis gricelda.mathis@wylieisd.net

    Debbie McCain debbie.mccain@wylieisd.net


    How to stay informed

    National website lionsclubs.org


National Art Honor Society

  • NAHS logo


    The National Art Honor Society is open to any student who has completed at least one year of High School Art and has at least a B average in all Art classes. Members are required to attend at least one meeting a month and complete yearly community service hours.  We have weekly meetings every Monday during A Power Hour in room 421 where we explore various art topics and work on school and community projects.    

    Sponsor info:  

    Jennifer Thompson, jennifer.thompson@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed

    See Ms. Thomspon to join our NAHS Remind 101 group


National Dance Honor Society

  • National Dance Society


    The National Dance Honor Society is a national organization at the school level. Wylie East's chapter #SP-070-7837 serves to honor student achievements in dance, while advocating for dance in the school and surrounding community. In order to qualify for induction, students must earn 30 merit points while participating in dance related activities, as well as receive an “Above Average” character rating, and maintain at least a 3.0 G.P.A. 

    Sponsor info:

    Stephanie Jackson, Stephanie.Jackson@wylieisd.net 

    How to stay informed

    National website nhsda-ndeo.org


NHS (National Honor Society)

  • NHS Logo


    The Wylie East Chapter of the National Honor Society embodies the four pillars of NHS: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. Generally, students in the top 15% of their class are eligible to become members. For specific information about how to become a member, read this WEHS NHS Flyer

    Current or prospective members may refer to the WEHS NHS Bylaws.


    Sponsor info:  

    Amy May, Amy.May@wylieisd.net 

    Mary Carter, Mary.Carter@wylieisd.net

    Taryn Adams, Taryn.Adams@wylieisd.net


    How to stay informed

    For other questions, please contact the Advisors.

    Members attend mandatory monthly meetings and receive communication information there. 

    National website nhs.us


National Technical Honor Society

  • National Technical Honor Society logo


    The National Technical Honor Society currently serves approximately 100,000 active members and nearly a million members since its inception in 1984.  Awarding over $1.7 million in scholarships to date, NTHS honors the achievements of top CTE students, provides scholarships to encourage the pursuit of higher education, and cultivates excellence in today’s highly competitive, skilled workforce. For over 30 years, NTHS has been the acknowledged leader in the recognition of outstanding student achievement in career and technical education.

    NTHS meets on alternating Fridays during the Power Hour Lunch in room 416.

    Sponsor Information:

    David Lanman, david.lanman@wylieisd.net

    Scott Ames, scott.ames@wylieisd.net


    National NTHS website: www.nths.org

Newscast (Blue-I News)

  • Blue-i Logo

    Overview:  Students in all levels of video production plan, film, edit and create video content for Wylie East. 


    Sponsor info: Jennifer Holcomb


    How to stay informed: 

    Blue-i News can be found on the Blue-i Media Youtube page



Newspaper (Blue Print)

  • Blue Print Logo


    The Wylie East High School newspaper class produces the online newspaper, Blue Print, daily. The newsprint edition, Raider Reader, and magazine, The Raid, are each published once a year. All content is gathered, written and posted by the newspaper staff. Our mission is to inform, educate and entertain our readers. The opinions expressed are those of the school newspaper staff and do not reflect those of the faculty or administration.

    If you have an event that you would like the Blue Print staff to cover, or if you are interested in advertising with Blue Print, please contact Mrs. Casi Thedford in room 826, or email casi.thedford@wylieisd.net, or call 972.429.3000 ext. 6186.

    Sponsor info:  

    Casi Thedford, casi.thedford@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed

    Find us on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know about Raider Nation news.

    See the online publication at wehsblueprint.com


Quill & Scroll

  • Quill logo


    Quill & Scroll is the international honor society for high school journalists. Students excelling in the yearbook or newspaper program and are in the Top Third of their class are invited to apply for membership into this organization. 

    Sponsor info:  

    Casi Thedford


    How to stay informed

    See Sponsor

    International website http://quillandscroll.org/



PALs (Peer Assistance & Leadership)

  • Pals logo


    PAL is Peer Assistance and  Leadership.  It was established in 1980 as a means to help students succeed through the mentoring of other students.  Our students become student mentors to younger students by going to other campuses and meeting with younger students to throughout the school year.  The requirements are simple: have reliable transportation, good academic standing, attendance, and discipline.

    Sponsor info:  

    Tim McCune, Tim.McCune@wylieisd.net


    How to stay informed:

    We communicate through email, Groupme (text), and Google Classroom

    National website palusa.org/ 



Raiders in Service

  • Radiers in Service Logo


    Raiders in Service is an organization which recognizes Wylie East High School students for their volunteer work in the community. The goal of Raiders in Service is to provide every student an opportunity to serve a minimum of 100 volunteer hours upon graduation from Wylie East High School. Students who perform 25 hours of community service during a school year (March to March- by the end of Spring Break), at approved non-profit agencies, receive a cord to be worn at their graduation ceremony.  Volunteer hours must be completed apart from any required hours for school organizations, scouting troops, or church groups, e.g., mission trips. ​

    Sponsor info:  

    Kim Combest, kim.combest@wylieisd.net

    and Melissa Cox, melissa.cox@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed:

    See the Raiders in Service page for many more details. 



Robotics Club

Skills USA

Solar Car Team

  • Overview:  

    The Wylie East High School Solar Car Team builds and races a one man car that’s powered entirely by the sun. We raced at Texas Motor Speed Way this summer, taking 4th place in this international high school event. The race next year is from Ft. Worth to Northern California. Mr. Roseberry in 820 is the sponsor.

    Sponsor info:  

    Tony Roseberry, Tony.Roseberry@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed

    We keep in touch with a text group.


Spanish Honor Society 

  •  SHH logo


    El Capítulo Punto de Este de La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica de Wylie East High School is an honor society for students of Spanish.  

    Qualifications include:

    • 10th, 11th or 12th grade students enrolled in Spanish 2 or higher
    • A - average (90) in all Spanish classes (*pre AP and AP students can have an 85 average)
    • Overall grade point average of 85 or higher.

    Potential SHH members are invited to apply at the beginning of Spring semester. SHH Induction is usually in April or March.


    Sponsor info:  

    Jennifer Terry Jennifer.Terry@wylieisd.net

    Brenda Hernandez Brenda.Hernandez@wylieisd.net


    How to stay informed

    Communication is via Remind and Google Classroom (see sponsors for code)

    National website aatsp.org


Sports Medicine

  • sports med


    The Wylie East Sports Medicine Program is comprised of 9th - 12th graders, who represent Wylie East High School.  Participation in the program includes:

    • ​Attending all practices and games for various sports on campus. 
    • Ensuring athletes are properly hydrated throughout practices and games.
    • ​Treatment and rehabilitation of injured athletes.
    • Learning First Aid/CPR/AED skills to aid the Head/Assistant Athletic Trainer in an emergency.
    • The possibility of earning a letter jacket for your sport and a scholarship for college are also available.

    Sponsor info:  

    Taylor Hanes 
    Megan Wilkins 

    How to stay informed

    Follow @WESportsMed on twitter or contact sponsors.  


Student Council (Stu-Co)

  • Overview:  


    Sponsor info:  Amy Tietjen and Breegan Gholson


    How to stay informed



TAFE (Texas Association of Future Educators)

  • TAFE Logo


    TAFE is open to all students who are interested in learning more about the Education Career Field.  Members will have the opportunity to participate in local, state and national events.  Our members participate in community service, and also work with students throughout the district.  Wylie East TAFE is affiliated with Educators Rising, a national organization for students who are interested in a career in Education.

    Sponsor info

    Jill Hill (jill.hill@wylieisd.net)

    Molly Brinkley (molly.brinkley@wylieisd.net)


    How to stay informed

    Meetings will be held virtually until further notice. 

    Remind:  #81010  @eb8339     Facebook:  WEteach      Twitter:  @WEHSEducation       Google Classroom code: gzbyp4x

    Statewide website tafeonline.org


Thespians (ITS)

  • ITS logo


    International Thespians Society (ITS) is a national organization organized into troupes at the school level. Wylie East's troupe 7286 serves as the school's theatre honor society. Students earn induction based on their achievements, which include 100 hours of excellent work in theatre. Students are also honored for high grades. 

    Sponsor info:  

    Andrea Farnham, Andrea.Farnham@wylieisd.net

    and Bekka Glaze, Bekka.Glaze@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed

    Wylie East Thespians Page

    International website schooltheatre.org/internationalthespiansociety


UIL Accounting, Computer Application, & Film

  • Overview:  

    The Accounting Contest is an hour-long contest consisting of 80 – 100 questions that focus on the elementary principles and practices of accounting for sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations, and may include bookkeeping terminology, the worksheet with adjustments, income statement, balance sheet, trial balance, account classification, journalizing, posting, bank reconciliation, payroll and other items related to the basic accounting cycle.

    Computer Applications focuses on word processing speed and accuracy, skill in the use of database and spreadsheet applications, and the integration of all of these. The goal of the competition is for students to have a thorough, working knowledge of these three applications and be able to complete substantial tasks in all of them and to direct data from one application to another. The difficulty of the elements on tests will increase as they progress to higher levels of competition.

    The Film contest allows students to submit original works in four different categories: narrative, documentary, computer/digital animation, and traditional animation. Films submitted to the Festival shall be previewed, critiqued and ranked by our adjudicators. Originality, cinematic storytelling, and technical execution are the basis of the scoring. Entries will go through a preliminary round. Those qualifying will go through a second qualifying round. Those qualifying from the second round will go through a State Semi-final round. Those entries advancing to state in each category will be screened, in whole or in digest form,  and ranked first through sixth at the State Festival. 

    Sponsor info:  

    James Hood, James.Hood@wylieisd.net


    How to stay informed



UIL Journalism



    The WEHS journalism team competes in invitational meets and the district meet in the spring. Those placing first-third in an event will advance to regionals. The journalism team members may compete in any (or all) of the following events:

    • News Writing
    • Editorial Writing
    • Feature Writing
    • Headline Writing
    • Copyediting
    • Spelling

    Sponsor Info


    How to stay informed

    Stop by room 826 or email casi.thedford@wylieisd.net for more information.


UIL Number Sense, Calculator, & Math

UIL Science Club


  • Dynasty Logo


    The Wylie East High School yearbook, The Dynasty, is a consistent Distinguished Merit recipient. This is the highest ranking given by the UIL's Interscholastic League Press Conference. Ten out of the 11 WEHS yearbooks have also been featured in Jostens Look Book due to its superior design and coverage. 

    The yearbook staff is made up of students who excelled in the journalism pre-requisite courses. The staff produces the 232-page full-color yearbook each year. Responsible for photographing school events, creating page layouts, writing stories and captions and marketing the yearbook, the yearbook staff has ‘got you covered!’

    Sponsor info: 

    Casi Thedford, Casi.Thedford@wylieisd.net

    How to stay informed

    Order your yearbook online at www.jostensyearbooks.com or stop by room 826 for an order form. 

    Contact Mrs. Casi Thedford in room 826, or email casi.thedford@wylieisd.net, or call 972.429.3000 ext. 6186 for more information.